No Maradona…No Messi…No Problem

YHC came off-the-bench to give Maradona’s knee time to heal.   Q’d twice last week and while YHC loves those Pax too, there’s just something special about Fortitude.  Highly recommend a Q.

The Thang:

COP:   20: SSH, 20: IW, 20: WM, 20: Low Slow Squats

Mosey to front parking lot: 10 hand-slap Merkins

Mosey to U-Haul.   20 Jump-ups (or 10 step-ups each leg).  20 dips.  Repeato.

Mosey under Bridge to base off Ashby St.    7s with SSH at base of hill, plank jacks-up top.  Choose your own light pole.

Mosey to Bridge for People’s Chair.    Overhead-press (20X in cadence; 10 Curcles in cadence.   Shake out legs and repeat.

Mosey to Rock Pile.     Curls for the Girls,  Overhead Press, and Skull Crushers in cadence (20x).  Repeat with 12 reps.

Mosey Ted A Greves law office.    Partner up.   Partner A exercises, while Partner B runs lap around building.   Each pair responsible for 50 SSH, 50 Squats.

Mary:  LBC’s 20 in cadence.  Dollies 20 in cadence. Freddie Mercury 20 in cadence.  Rosalitas 20 in cadence.  Superman while singing Greatest American Hero; switch rms while humming theme song to Superman.

Mosey back to Parking Lot for COT.

King Mackarel with the take-out.


  1.  We need Qs at Fortitude.  Sign-up:  Slaugther and YHC look good, but we need Pax who can lead.
  2. Monday night recruiting visits:  Slaughter swings by the Shelter Monday nights during dinner (6-7) to recruit for Fortitude the next day.  Help him recruit or better yet, take his place so he doesn’t have to go every week.
  3. Coffeeteria:  As we enter Fall and Winter, we’re moving switching from gatorade/water to coffee and moving inside to the Shelter’s cafeteria.   Plan to stay for 5-10 mins after workout and sit down with our Shelter Pax for good conversation and coffee.


Welcome FNG PoundCake, who selected the biggest rock we’ve ever seen for Curls, Overhead Press, and Skull Crushers!

And Happy Birthday PoundCake; thanks for joining us!

Tormund is aptly named.

So is Bigfoot; our first size 16 at Fortitude; thank you Hornets!

That damn train is loud!

You can’t do Superman without a smile on your face.

and Lastly, enjoyed good 2ndF with Pax in cafeteria after workout; thanks for the coffee Men’s Shelter!


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