Outside Providence

15 out of the block and left down Providence & right at the Teeter.

Stop in the auto station lot for some Merkins.

Continue down Providence to Circle Ave.

2 X 3 corners. 1 X 10 diamonds. 1 X 10 widearm.

Continue down Providence to Midtown Medical Plaza garage.

Alternate forward & backward up the ramps, with 5 merkins after each backward. Ab stuff & down.

Up the stairs with 10 burpees up top. Ab stuff and back down.

Head to S Caswell garage.

2 X 5 pull-ups run to opposite & 10 jump squats.

Home on Providence. 3 minutes of overtime.


  1. 15 tough SOBs out there for 4.6ish miles.
  2. Always good to be back at my F3 birthing spot, thanks to Rock.
  3. Pelican Brief has gotten pretty fast since I saw him at his first RingRun. He asked me for running advice then, I don’t think he took it, because it worked.
  4. HE. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him out of breath. He can shout out cadence and reminisce about Morton Downey all while pushing the pace.
  5. Groupon eats his breakfast at 5:25am.
  6. If you think you’ve been the victim of a parking lot hit and run, call Hollins.
  7. Thanks to Mr. D for the takeout and for keeping us safe with the highlighter yellow.
  8. Grab yourself a copy of SouthPark magazine and Nabisco will autograph it for you.
  9. Dredd, Ice9 & TML gave a run by during their regular Tuesday morning jaunt. Ice9 surely leaving a trail of merlot in his wake.
  10. Charlotte Marathon this weekend. F3 doing some pretty cool relays. Check it out.

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