8@8 Preblast: The Rail Trail Route Returns

I thought about previewing a portion of the Charlotte Marathon course for this route, but the segment closest to our AO is well-known and not very exciting. Plus, most are coming off of a recent marathon or planning on running some or all of the race on Saturday, so I’m anticipating low numbers anyway.

So, we’ll run the rail trail route. No six mile option this week. Just the full eight. If you feel like running six, hit the Sweet 6 route or choose your own adventure. #MatlockPolicy #0fks

Here’s what the route looks like on Strava: https://www.strava.com/routes/7280062 

Here’s your turn by turn:

  • Run down Selwyn away from town
  • Right on Brandywine
  • Continue straight as it become Woodlawn
  • Right on Scaleybark
  • Cross over South Blvd. and take a Right on the Light Rail pathway
  • Get off (take a right) at Remount/Ideal Way
  • Follow Ideal Way until it dead-ends into Kenilworth
  • Quick Left on Kenilworth
  • Right on East Blvd.
  • Slight Left to Queens
  • Straight to Granville
  • Right on Providence to the lot




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