Chilly November Morning for Atilla

Nineteen of F3s finest arose in the dark and cold to join me at Atilla this Veterans Day morning. Here is what we did (after some stretches and SSH):

Fifty Shades of Merkin

Peoples Chair + Air Presses

Donkey Kicks

Rock Hoppers

Jump Squats

Stump Jumpers

4X. Run Kiosk > Fountain > Kiosk. (slow up, fast back)

Forty Shades of Merkin

(pick up rocks) Triceps Ext

Ball Chinians

Greg Louganis

(rock down) bicycle

Recycle 2X or 3x

Thirty Shades of Merkin

Bird Dog

Plank hip slaps

Makhtar N’Diayes

4 count diag LBCs


Bearway to Heaven (Burpees >> BCs >> Burpees)

The ground was hard and the grass was cold and wet. But otherwise it was a cold and crispy day to be out and we had a good time. It is clear that the Fifty Shades of Merkin was unpopular, but counting it down from 50/40/30 seemed to make it tolerable. Lets make note, men, that we did 120 Merkins in various forms this morning, which is no small feat. I also noted that, in the rock phase of the workout, Rope-a-Dope had about a forty pound stone he was handling like a pebble. Impressive. Nice to have Die Hard (aka Robert McLean) join us again this week: Welcome DH.  And word has it that Steroid will Q this workout next Friday, which will be fun.

It is always a big treat for me to lead this fine bunch,

Respectfully Submitted, Valdez

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