Combine Pre-Backblast: Ladder vs. Ladder

6 men entered the Combine this morning to get better somehow and this is what we did…

The Thang:

KBs to “Your Charlotte Hornets!” basketball court:  SSHs x25IC

Ladder Up!  10-round triplet of escalating burpees, thrusters and swings (x1-2-3, x2-4-6, x3-6-9…x10-20-30).  55 burpees, 110 thrusters and 165 swings.  Earlier finishers repeat non-KB triplet of 10 chgerkins-20 sumo squats-30 pistol LBCs (15 L/R) until six finishes and completes some/most of this non-KB circuit.

Leave KBs and head up to parking lot for face-down-body-on-ground-starting-position (#FDBOGSP) sprints (~100 yds each), x6

Back to KBs

Ladder Down!  10-round triplet of descalating burpees, snatches (half L/half R reps) and swings (x10-20-30, x9-18-27, x8-16-24…x1-2-3).  55 burpees, 110 snatches and 165 swings.  (So, 110 burpees and 330 swings total.  I cannot feel my forearms.)  Earlier finishers repeat non-KB triplet of 10 chgerkins-20 single leg squat touches-30 pistol LBCs (15 L/R) until six finishes and completes some/most of this non-KB circuit.

Leave KBs and head up to parking lot again for FDBOGSP sprints, x6


Naked Moleskin:

Hillary Is Old…and Reliable.  Hillary led most of the mumblechatter this morning including but not limited to commenting on the Q’s love of camo/chalk/pain delivery, discussing how he likes to “go down” (heeey-O … #awkward), and asking me quite sincerely post-COT if Slaughter could write the backblast because “He’s so good at it.”  Um, thanks for the vote of confidence…I’m literally right here in front of you.  Confident, friendly-but-not-afraid-to-ruffle-some-feathers stud.

Narc Is Young…and Fast.  Narc was crushing the circuit work, finishing minutes ahead of the rest of us…though mostly because he wasn’t doing the full exercises (yes, push-up at bottom of burpee, full squat in thruster, snatch not a clean, etc.).  Clearly ahead of his time in terms of F3 “time management” (i.e., cheating):  those are some 1st F veteran moves on Veteran’s Day weekend.  Nicely played.  Also, he is legit fast, absolutely crushing the rest of us geezers on the sprints.  12-0.  Young, energetic, up-and-coming, cheating stud.  (I can’t believe I’m literally twice his age.)

Slaughter is Medium…and Affable.  Good ol’ Slaughts and his good ol’ backblast writing.  A gentleman, a man of the people and a true #HIMF.  Always ready with a smile and a good-natured poke, like “What the hell are we doing, Lee?”  Really, really, really hate that guy.  #OppositeDay  Lovable, accountable and dependable stud.  (Look forward to reading your backblast of this…)

Tormund is Medium…and Bearded.  A relatively recent addition to F3, Tormund has accomplished a lot, most notably his dramatically-improved, more-culturally-woke F3 nickname from his initial one (Starburst or Sally Jessie Ralphael, I think) as well as his dramatically-improved fitness level that comes when you post 45 straight days.  Quiet, respectful, does-what-he’s-told-and-doesn’t-give-you-any-lip stud.

TML is Medium…and Indestructible (Mostly).  Think it was at Combine that TML was first sub-nicknamed (those are the best) “Pound-for-Pound” by Nibbler and there is good reason for that:  he loves to sell his famous-how-does-he-do-it lemon pound cakes for the local animal shelter…no, wait, it might be because he will gladly exchange a pound of cocaine (this is America, dammit, take your not-a-real-measurement “kilo” somewhere else) for taking a pound of flesh from your freakin’ face (#TerribleBargain)…no, no, it’s because he is actually a beast, that mythical F3 unicorn, both fast and strong.  No doubt, TML tore through both KB circuits (finishing with “Legit First” virtual medals for completed all KB exercises and/or counts) … until he came up a little lame during the 4th of 6 sprints before COT.  As Al Michaels would say, “He’s out with a groin.”  #alsoawkward  Hopefully, it was just a minor in-session tweak with no IR time required so he can still crush the Charlotte Marathon relay tomorrow.  #iceupson  Regardless, still a #4#, original Blue-Man-Group stud.

Thanks, Nancy Drew, for the opportunity to lead this crew at this still-great-though-shrinking-in-numbers workout.  Slaughts, please provide your own backblast at your convenience.


“In theory there is no difference between theory and practice.  In practice there is.” —Yogi Berra

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  • November 13, 2017 at 8:50 am

    Lee, now that’s how u write a BB. So I’m reduced to old and reliable. I hate that but will accept. Great Q but me thinks you are going to ruin our shoulders with that Q. Great summary of the pax. Tormund is a man to be reckoned with.

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