Don’t Ask Questions, I Can Barely Hear

Posted on behalf of old man Neal aka Hillary #F3Royalty

The thang: Only 8 showed up to this thing, #MUSTANGdot leadership on point once again. MPHS X-country with partner and rocks. 3 hills at Selwyn, AG field sprints, dips/derkins/jump ups. Back to MPHS x-country trail (laugh at AG on the way as they sit stagnant in a circle). Cougar was sleeping. AYG back to COT. 5 miles flat.

Moleskin: Why do we call this moleskin anyway? As a former CPA who graduated near the bottom of my class, I was always taught to ask questions. Ask the Enron CFO why he’s expensing massages and trips to the Caymans and analyze the answers. So I get to MPHS and ask who’s Q’ing and Gandalf and Benefactor start to laugh. They said it had been determined the night before that whoever was the first to ask who was Q’ing would be the guy to Q. Ok, I got this. Swamp was a little worried about my stamina and suggested we split it into 15 minute increments but something about the adrenaline of Q’ing Mustang that always gives you the edge.

Had invited Nathan Arledge, now known as Wu-Tang, to Mustang earlier in the week and was excited that he actually posted. He is our Minister of Missions at Myers Park Methodist. From Hendersonville, having first baby in February, likes to hunt water fowl and is now forever Wu-tang. He told me he had been jogging on his own and did a great job hanging in there with all the burpees, pull ups, merkins and rock carrying, and running. Sounds like he’ll be back. Tormund was in for a 6 pack showing again this week. Only shows up at the beast workouts. No AG for him. While Gandalf struggled with his burpee form, he made up for it with his rock carrying. By the way, the rocks were really cold. Doherty doing some good things over at Billingsville and at Fortitude. He loves life. The Show was grinding through this am. Don’t ever call this guy a quitter. Swamp Fox and B’factor leading the way all am.  Swamp was full of confidence in his Tigers against the C1em dawgz and damn they showed up.  Look at that, top 6.  How about those ACC football games… #nap.  He also has a new labradoodle puppy named Gus, he’s a badass.  Finally, my Deebo bike w/ wicker basket just sucks. I had two flat tires that were really tough to ride on. Guess it’s time for a new bike.

Holtz, thanks for whatever you are doing. Rdub, hope your rested well.  Waco, did you move #fixerupper. Show, thanks for the takeout. Swamp, you kick ass.  Now I’ve gotta go listen to some rap.

Neal aka Hillary #F3Royalty


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