Merkin Monday

The Thang:

mosey down to freedom Park, warm-up with side straddle hop
Around the soccer field for ‘Merkin-Mile’
Lap 1 – 5 diamonds, 5 wide arms, 5 drydocks, 5 Merkens
Lap 2 – 10 diamonds, 10 wide arms, 10 drydocks, 10 Merkens
Lap 3 – 15 diamonds, 15 wide arms, 15 drydocks, 15 Merkens
Lap 4 – 20 diamonds, 20 wide arms, 20 drydocks, 20 Merkens
Half and full length soccer field sprints x 3
mosey through Freedom Park, up the hill to the landing for some Merry–
Russian twists, flutters and heels to haven.
Up the hill on Lilac Road with Merkens at the street lights
Down Forrest Park Drive for 7’s up the hill with diamonds and squats
mosey back to Freedom Park for Jack Webbs…. By this point my shoulders were useless
back to the soccer field for more sprints
An mosey back to the gravel lot
A big welcome and strong showing to FNG, Silver Spoon
As always, Vamanos smoked everyone at the end
Thanks for the opportunity to queue,

1) next Monday queue is crotch rocket
2) check out speed for need video
3) runners and pushers needed for speed for need

One thought on “Merkin Monday

  • November 13, 2017 at 6:45 pm

    Great job Q’ing, Doogie! (Shoulders are still useless) And thanks for the welcome, fellas!

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