Sign, Sign … Run a Lap

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind
Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?

8 men could read the sign, but only 1 could hit the sign.

The Thang

SSH x20
Merkin x20
IW x20
Copperhead Squats x20
Mountain Climbers x20
Toy Soldiers x20
LBC x20
Makeup exercises by Litebrite who luckily found the pax

Indian Run to Quad for a Quatro:
Fast/Slow/Fast Dips x20
Fast/Slow/Fast Derkins x20
Fast/Slow/Fast Quick Feet x20
Steps Ups x7

Mosey to Smoking Lounge
Group 1 – WWII Situps while Group 2 – runs stair lap; vice versa
Group 1 – LBC while Group 2 – runs stair lap; vice versa

Mosey to Pentagon Circle
Each pax backward runs counter clockwise around circle while pax do incline merkins
Each pax runs forward clockwise around circle while pax do Mike Tysons
Each pax bearcrawls counter clockwise to next pax while everyone does air presses in Peoples Chair

Indian Run to stadium stairs back to The Rock
Group 1 – MaktarJai while Group 2 – runs to top of stadium stairs and does 5 Monkey Humpers; vice versa
Group 1 – ? while Group 2 – runs to top of stadium stairs again and does 5 Monkey Humpers; vice versa

Each Pax attempts to hit Myers Park School sign at bottom of stadium stairs with a football while standing across the parking lot on the island.
If they hit the sign an exercise will be called in place.  If they miss the sign, everyone runs a lap around the next island.  We mostly ran to sum it up.


Man Cave regulars plus a 2.0 made Sunday afternoon the place to be.  A number of weeks we have utilized props – bricks, bells, hand weights, footballs.  Each adds a bit of interest and challenge.  YHC had clay bricks ready to go today, but we stuck with just the football.  Chocolate Box and 2.0 Goober arrived early to get warmed up with their Tom Brady football.  Box has a pretty good arm until it matters.  Hitting a fairly large sign from 15-20 yards shouldn’t be that hard, but most of the pax found a way to avoid hitting it.

Leadership abounds at the ManCave with everyone taking part in calling out exercises.  The AO allows a lot of creativity as all the other weekly workouts on that campus can agree.  But only ManCave has the AO to themselves for the regular Sunday afternoon workout.  Yesterdays age span went from 73 to 17, although I may be shorting Money a couple of years.  Money clearly enjoyed everyone missing the sign, to the point that he simply passed when it was his turn to toss the pigskin.

We couldn’t escape Litebrite’s late arrival – maybe ManCave has become too predictable – although I’m pretty sure he got lucky finding us.  The only predictable thing is the regularity of some pax – Fugitive, Chocolate Box, Birdhole, Litebrite, Fugitive and Money all have earned keys to the Cave.  Some ManCavers need to come on back – Eyechart, SilentBob, and Tesla for instance, although Tesla would have to road trip in from Belmont now.  We know GuitarHero and Oscar will be back when work allows, but it would be great to see the Rock again.  Phoenix – you need to a little ManCave love.  I could go on and on, but even though we don’t need more pax, all pax are welcome.  We are like the bootcamps of old – remember when we didn’t have to go 3 to 4 miles in 45 minutes and still get a good workout; or when an actual COP and 6 minutes of mary rounded out a good bootcamp.  ManCave is a great FNG place to send your next EH.  We will take good care of anyone that posts.  When you are sitting around all day watching football, soon to be basketball, and need that quick workout to get your week going, visit the ManCave and drag out one of two 2.0s if you got’em.  Enough of the advertisement – again ManCave is still going strong and if you want to not just do it, but want to Q it, give Ditka or me a shout out.


Charlotte Rescue Mission Turkey 10er Drive is now on – donate here to help families in need have a happy thanksgiving.



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