Ring Run: TI – 84


Run to Edgehill park at 7:25 pace.  5 pull ups (palms forward, 1 forward 1 back, 1 back 1 forward, palms to face), 10 merkins, 15 squats and 5 box jumps

Run towards and cross over Kings into hospital parking lot. 10 burpees on 45 seconds * 5

Run Greenway towards Freedom Park. Under the bridge – loop around over the Greenway to the tennis courts.  Spread horizontally on service line.  Sprint service line to base line to net to service to net to baseline to service line * 5.  5 min of Mary (LBC, Rosilita, etc)

Run up Sherwood across Queens to Beverly.

AYG from Sherwood/Beverly to parking lot.



  • As we’re running Sherwood towards Beverly,  5-0 is talking about his Texas Instruments TI-84 calculator.  This isn’t your 5th grade solar powered Casio POS.  This TI-84 is the real deal. We could graph the trajectory of the football coming out of Cam’s hand in the rain with 10 mph wind in his face all while he’s playing in Denver (thinner air).  Of course, someone had to mention the HP 12-C with “polish notation” and why it’s easier use than the TI.  Not sure where the rest of group stand, but I’m for the TI (TI BA II Plus).
  • Ran 3.65 miles… Not much speed BUT we had 3 really good pain stations!
  • 50 burpees, 90 merkins (including burpees), 20 pull-ups, a few box jumps and some mary.

– Mr. D


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