Social media influencer fail – fellowship win

I was so excited to see a big crowd this morning at Fortitude after my clever tweet yesterday reminding everyone to take an easy day after the CLT marathon weekend and come see what Fortitude was all about, I got retweets from @F3Metro and @F3Area51 so I was thinking about how I was going to manage such a large crowd.

Much to my surprise I arrived at 5:28 and only Jedi was there for me. We ended up with 7 other F3 pax joining in support of our 3 residents. So much for my social media influencer score. Sadly, the only person there that follows me on Twitter is Slaughter, and he always posts. Oh, and Training Wheels, but I sign his paycheck so he doesn’t count either. Yes, the grand total number that was influenced by my tweet – ZERO!  So this confirms to me that social media is worthless and at my age I just need to get off of the time waster and go back to using my rotary dial or a postage stamp when I want to EH someone to come see this incredible AO.

Despite the potential of me falling into a sad clown state, my enthusiasm was resurrected when I watched Jedi start quizzing Training Wheels on who he is and what he does. 50 years seperate these two but Jedi is indeed the JediMaster in getting to know people. Then two eternally optimistic guys, Slaughter and Pipeline showed up and those two will put a smile on any face. They are the Mayors of the Men’s Shelter. They know everyone and everyone knows them. Lots of apologies from the residents this am on inability to post due to a cold going around. Can you imagine sleeping with a room full of people in the middle of cold and flu season? #rememberhowblessedweare.

Tormund was not going to let the cold bother him. He was prepared in tights, multiple layers, and a toboggan – wait – aren’t the Wildlings used to the cold? Gridlock was happy despite being tied up in the DC gridlock as he tries to influence our no action politicians in DC. (protip – Gridlock says we are going to see tax reform passed whether we like it or not). Oz was there two noting he is so committed to this Fortitude AO that he drives in from the burbs and showers at the office afterward.

So we were all thrilled to be together and glad that Happy, Red Graves and FNG Elmer Fudd (it was the hat) joined us for some fitness and fellowship.

The Thang:

We did a COP, we ran a little and did some partner work with mountain climbers and squats and hand slap merkins. We went to the zoo for bear crawls, crab walks, frog jumps, duck walks, monkey humpers, and dying cockroaches, and we closed with some 7’s with burpees and squats.

More importantly we closed the COT with a prayer and had another 3 friends from the shelter join us. They all agreed they are not fans of working out but they love prayer. Great takeout by Slaughter reminding us all that God has given us unique talents and that we should hold our head high.

Finally, some of us joined the guys for coffee in their cafeteria. Trust me on this one, the fellowship is better than the coffee.

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  • November 14, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    Thanks for the Q Checkpoint! I firmly believe that we had the right people there. And I know Elmer Fudd is walking taller today from the experience. Thanks again!

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