C is for Copperhead, C is for Continuity

C may be for Copperhead and also Continuity (of operations), but Monday C was not for Cutlass.  YHC hasn’t seen Cutlass since the new sched came out several months ago. Is he OK? YHC sure hopes so.  Anyways, according to the Copperhead COOP, the order of succession falls from scheduled Q to site Q so off we go….

Run out of Museum Plaza, left on Randolph

No time for a warm up with that side straddle hop stuff

Cross Randolph right on…screw just look at the map YHC has attached

End up on Kenmore for a few SSH’s (quietly)

Partner up, partner 1 runs backwards down Kenmore, partner 2 does 5 Mercans, runs forward and catches partner 1, flapjack…go 2 blocks

For the next block, switch it up and do 3 burpees instead, go all the way to the corner of Osborne Av.

Run back down to Laurel Av for 7’s of Squats and Mercans, end at the top

Head back to the Mint AO

Listen to Roxanne by the Police

Mercans on Roxanne, Plankjack on Redlight

For the last minute, do as many burpees as you can, keep track of how many you do.


Swap and Bullwinkle are fast…like ridiculously understated fast, especially running uphill.  Raider, third in line of succession at a workout as a 2nd removed site Q, technically won the burpee contest since he had the same number as 50 Shades and is older.  However, he admitted cheating on form and the prize, Freed to Lead, was bestowed upon 50 (he is now Freed to Read).  Finished up with a take out from someone YHC can’t remember (should have done the BB on Monday) and a selfie with Sparty and Raider…fortunately no duckfaces.



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