Elon Survey Monkey Update: SIBling Rivalry Rename

Holy shit!  I haven’t gotten this much response from a survey since the online poll 4 years ago to decide whether the Visulite was right in kicking me out of the Christmas party 4 years ago (101% No).  So after several million votes have been tallied since yesterday, here are the current standings to rename SIBling Rivalry:

  1. Rascal Rollerderby – 45%
  2. Freeloader’s Fatcamp – 43%
  3. Cleveland Browns – 7%
  4. The Biggest Loser – .05%

Of course it doesn’t add up to 100%.  It’s an Elon Poll.  So based on the results after 24 hours, the survey is going to be adjusted as follows:

  • I am removing The Biggest Loser based on the fact that KimJong Shank and KKEasyRings couldn’t agree on who was going to be Bob Harper or Jillian.  They both wanted Jillian so remember that next time you see them.  #awkard.
  • I am replacing The Biggest Loser with The Elephant Walk.  #patch
  • And to help folks who are having a hard time making a decision based on the fantastic options above, a new entry is being offered.  #mixtape

5.  Fatloader’s RascalCamp 

I have generously extended the voting until Thanksgiving due to the overwhelming response.  FYI – Doobie voted Fatcamp this morning at ‘Tank.  Or was it the Browns?


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