Fan favorite route, no taper for the Let Me Run 5k

Bros – Looking at the elevation chart it looks like I’ve found (new to me) a pretty sh*tty climb to share with you guys tomorrow. Baldwin Ave to Randolph. Can’t wait.

The Thang:

The 2 – Start South on Providence Road (towards Sweet Six AO), Left onto Colville Road (0.5 mi), Left onto Cherokee Place (1.2 mi), Left onto Providence Road (1.6 mi), Continue past AO,

The 6 – Veer left on Queens Road East (2.4 mi), Left on Roswell Avenue (3.0 mi), Right onto Sterling Road (3.2 mi), Left onto Princeton Avenue (3.9 mi), Right in to the park past the lake ->over the bridge in to the Richie AO -> out the East Blvd entrance, Right onto East Boulevard (4.9 mi), Left onto South Kings Drive (5.0 mi), Right onto Baldwin Avenue (5.9 mi), Right onto East 4th Street / Randolph (6.5 mi), Right onto South Laurel Avenue (7.3 mi), Left onto Providence Road (7.7 mi), Arrive at Finish (8.2 mi)

5:15 start for the 8

5:30 start for the 6

Goldman Lot


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