Old Fashioned #Fortress beatdown/fall down

Well, it didn’t take long for YHC to hit the ground. Never been very clumsy, but two falls in the last month has made me quite self conscious when I run now… it is getting darker after all.

At 5:45, 18 men of the greatest purpose, participating in the very best 5:45 workout on a Friday in Cotswold, hit the ground running, some (read one, hit the ground harder about 20 seconds in):

Started with some SSH’s as we waited for a few slow pokes getting to the parking lot. Then…. I fell alright! Hit one of those speed bumps we have run over about 60 times between Widow and Fortress. Luckily, was able to roll over and stick the landing, and aside from a dent in the pride department, was ok to keep moving. Was about that time we noticed Rocky Top pulling in, so stopped for some burpees in front of the church, then moseyed over to the rich kid pre-school for COP.

Can’t really remember all we did. Did some copperhead squats, some merkins, and flutters. We did not do any Imperial Walkers.

-Mosey to hot box for a set of 7’s with burpees and pull ups.
-Couple Minutes of Mary (rosalitas, dolly, LBC, oblique… you get the point)
-Head out of the hot box for quick set of 20 dips, then down Sharon Amity to Robin Rd and down to Westbury.
-Stop at each street light for 10 jump squats, with your hands in the air (like you just don’t care) and 5 burpees at the speed bumps.

Had every intention to head back the way we came for some merkins and burpees, but the Pax was so loud, I didn’t want to get in trouble with the locals… so instead called a couple 5 burpees OYO to Chips chagrin and moseyed to Eddies Place for some bear crawl suicides. Not sure if it was the diagonal parking lines, YHC’s directions, or the amount of *ssholes who make up the PAX (probably the latter) but we had lots of #refuseniks. So we moseyed back to the hotbox, and we tried again with more, still not great, success.

Made our way out of the hotbox and headed for home with a minute to spare. Some burpees to finish it out.

Hitting the ground that early kind of shook me. Didn’t hurt myself, just kind of threw me off. The combo of burpees and pull-ups on the 7’s can be a smokefest. As we were running down Westbury, I kept hearing loud. irreverent shouting, followed by some quick short “SHHH” and heard that a local had made it known he wasn’t willing to get up and hang out in the gloom with us. His loss. But seeing as I stay away from uncomfortable situations (I am in sales…) opted to skip the additional trip down Westbury for the bear crawl suicides. Hindsight, should have just dealt with the shouting neighbor.

Great group, per the usual, at Fortresss. Thanks for the opportunity to lead Back Up and Noonan.

-Expansion – Austin and St Louis two weeks in. Two more weeks with them. Small break for the winter, then back for Phoenix
-Thanksgiving convergence 7-8 at AG
-Carrier CLT Rescue Mission Turker Drive, asking for money instead of actual Turkeys, Carrier is doing a burpee for every $10 donated
-SPEED 4 NEED – the marathon was a success, check out the video on the tweeter, awesome stuff
-Roaring Riot… you know the deal by now. Check out www.roaringriot.com or @roaringriot on Twitter.
-Fortress Q is looking ok, but need Q for Friday after Thanksgiving

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  • November 17, 2017 at 2:28 pm

    Anyone pick up my gray toboggan hat after Pitino’s beatdown last week? Left it in the parking lot. Aye!

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