Double Barrel Pink Eye

First attempt at a backblast following my virgin Q this morning.  Honored to have 30 of F3 Nation’s finest men with me on this crisp November morning in the gloom.

Few things you need to know before reading the backblast:

  1. Squatorama = 2 minutes of squats; 30 seconds each of Squats, Pulse squats, Jump squats and Squat hold (no breaks in between); credit to Crotch Rocket
  2. Double Barrel Pink Eye = beware flatulence during close quarter LBCs

Here’s how we got after it:

Warmup on the best patch of grass in F3 nation.  Started with the classics SSH, Imperial Walker, Sharon Tower then upped the ante with Squatorama (#1)

Slow mosey to Dresslers (this group doesn’t run).  On our sixes for protractor.  Then alternate Dericans and LBCs in reps of 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2.  Wrap this circuit up with Squatorama (#2) and another protractor.

Mosey to Target stairs (almost lost our six on Charlottetowne).  11s on the stairs of burpees and situps.  This was not popular.  Lot of constructive feedback for the virgin Q like “that should have been 4s,” “11s with burpees is stupid,” and “who let you Q?”  Noted.   (Mary while we wait – Dollys, Rosalitas, Flutters, Freddy Mercurys).  Wrapped up this circuit with Squatorama (#3)

Mosey back to Dresslers via the path this time because… first.  Last stop, alternate Mericans and LBCs in reps of 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and Squatorama (#4)

Mosey to the parking lot to take us home.


  • Core Christmas party first Saturday of December
  • Today was last day for donations for the Charlotte Rescue Mission turkey drive

Lot’s of fun leading this spirited group today.  See you guys after the Thanksgiving holiday.

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