Still waiting

Typing this from my phone, still sitting against the wall of the Sharon Elementary cafeteria – still waiting on FOD.

I’m sure there’s a lesson in here about the importance of clear, concise instructions…but my legs are shaking too much to really think about it.  Anyway, here’s what happened:


Head toward the Skulk and loop around the school to pick up the stragglers, stopping on the bball court for short warm up of SSH and Mtn Climbers.  Partner up.

Partner 1 – runs to the cafeteria and performs Mtn Climbers ____________
Partner 2 – gets to work at the playground.  Team completes 100 pull-ups, 100 incline merkins, 100 decline merkins, 100 dips, and 200 crunches.

That _________ is where YHC believes the instruction was given “until relieved by your partner”.  No one waited.  Chaos ensued.  At some point, the monotony of Mtn Climbers combined with repetitive “how many Mtn Climbers?” questions overcomed the Q, and YHC switched it up for half the group to 30 Mtn Climbers and then Peoples’ Chair.  Other half continued doing, basically, whatever the hell they wanted.

And yet, it still kind of worked.  General point being that any exercise, even the oft overlooked Mtn Climber, can suck in sufficient quantity.  YHC waited quite awhile for FOD back at the cafeteria.  Someone (One Eye maybe) led some Mary until all finished.

Mosey around the school and down to the bottom of the Skulk.  Mary (Flutters) in the intersection of Sedley and Foxcroft.

Find your partner.  P1 runs up to Belknap with escalating burpees per trip (1 first trip, 2 second trip, etc.) while P2 alternates 20 flutters / 20 LBCs until P1 returns.  Called it after the 4th trip up the Skulk.  More Mary in the intersection (Freddy) followed by 20 old school situps (partner planks on feet).

Finished with a backwards run up to Belknap, then AYG back to launch.

Fin – COT with takeout by Hollins.


Casbah starts late (0600) and finishes late (0700) on Black Friday.  Silent Bob will be your personal shopper.
Governator – there was something that Aquafresh said about it.  5-year anniversary maybe?
Turkey 10er – give $10 toward CRM and Carrier does a Thanksgiving burpee.  Win – win – win?
Benefactor treating everyone to drinks tonight at the new Kimpton rooftop bar.  Dress nice.


YHC was a substi-Q today, as Bushwood on short term IR with a calf issue.  Common responses included:

  • Bushwood leading a bootcamp?
  • Didn’t know he still came to Casbah
  •  …
  •  …
  • And in distant 3rd, “Why is Bushwood on IR?”

Yep – the much loved, Bushwood.  Heal up, soon!

Also, lots of chatter on the “who came up with this?” chaos of the WIB-esque portion of the workout.  No real reason, but again, feel free to blame Bushwood.

Mileage was down for Casbah at 2.3ish.  Lot of other stuff and discussions, some unfit to print (even without Film Fest), but the highlights have been mostly captured mostly accurately – including whether there were 13 or 15 (odd #s) at the workout.

One other (more serious) thing, especially with Thanksgiving around the corner – despite family sometimes driving us crazy, take the opportunity to enjoy the time you have with your loved ones this Thanksgiving.  That time is not guaranteed, as YHC was reminded this week when a normal Monday was interrupted with an emergency trip to the ER for the M.  If you can, hug the ones you love, and let them know it.

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