7 pax for Combine. Youngest was 39.5 years old. If you are reading this and (1) weren’t there and (2) are >25 years of age – then you are losing muscle and maybe more.

From @sweatscience: Note to self: “Low muscle strength was independently associated with elevated risk of all-cause mortality, regardless of muscle mass, MetS, sedentary time, or LTPA among US older adults”

Kettle Bells work pretty well. Boomer so impressed he called them out when taking us out at the end. Best part is they don’t require a lot of complicated exercises to work well. My two favorite KB exercises we did today: (1) Walking back and forth carrying KBs and (2) Kneeling down and standing back up holding KB. That is all you really need. Only thing better would be if we had a prowler to push and pull around a parking lot (where is Red Warrior?).

Workout went something like this:

Warm up with side straddle hop, pushups, 2 hand KB swing.

Partner up: 1. Suicides on Bball court while 2. Double KB squats. Switch. 1. Farmer carry Bball court down/back while 2. burpees. Switch. 1. KB lunge walk bball court while 2. mountain climbers then sprint to other end to grab KBs and switch. Do all this a couple of rounds each.

KB up/downs – change up which side KB is racked; change up which leg leads up/down.

Circle Up: RH swing, LH swing, goblet squats, LH snatch, RH snatch, goblet squat, LH high pull, RH high pull, goblet squats (run through this entire sequence without putting down KB)

Squat-curl-press, merkins, 2H KB swings.

oh yeah – break up some of these sets with sprints, suicides, carioca, side shuffle, backwards run and bear crawl/backwards bear crawl. Basically anytime I am too whipped to hold the KB any longer.


43% of attendees graduated from Davidson College – further proving superior intellect of Combine pax compared with the general public.

Now that you are smarter, healthier and likely going to live longer … what are you going to do with that?

The above is a serious question/challenge. Related, see below excerpt that I copied (nothing original) from one of Harry Gray’s old United Technologies ads from 1980+/- a year or two. Keep in mind the world population was smaller then. The message remains relevant. I routinely fail this test.

Take these words:
Chances are four and a half billion people won’t agree to live their lives by them.
But think how much better your life would be if just one person does.

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