Look What TSwift Made Me Do … Merkins

Oswald needed a sub this week (it’s coming on up November 22, perhaps he had a trip to Cuba or the Soviet Union planned?), Razorback was available, and Taylor Swift’s new album dropped last week …. recipe for disaster. Just ask Double Eagle.

Eleven of Charlotte’s finest (including one of Charlotte’s actual Finest) snickered and sweated their way through a pre-Thanksgiving calorie-deficit-creation.

The Thang


  • Short mosey around Independence Park, regroup at the basketball court for COP;
  • YHC brought out a new toy, which we put to good use with a little Jazzercise:
    • TSwift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” song played, pax did:
      • SSH during slow verses;
      • Mountain climbers during the fast;
      • Plank during chorus, with a Merkin for every time we heard “What You Made Me Do”
        • There was mocking no doubt, but we knocked out 31 merkins amidst the snickers, including a blitz of 16 straight at the end;
  • The beat played on throughout the workout, playlist available in the Moleskin;
  • Mosey to the Castle, up and down one time (ahem, see Moleskin);
  • Mosey to Captain Jack for some Mary;
  • Then to the Mecklenburg County Courthouse for some Mary;
  • Cut through the building tunnel to Marshall Park for a little WIB:
    • Up and down the steep hill leading to 4th Street;
    • Lunge-walk up the ramp;
    • Half-way around the pond for a break for 20 squats;
    • Finish the pond loop, 20 more merkins;
    • rinse and repeat;
    • the fast did this 4, maybe 5, times;
  • Collected the pax for some step-ups and dips work on the benches at Marshall Park, before;
  • Mosey back to Captain Jack, some Mary to collect the pax (including the Q);
  • Mosey to the Castle, for 1-2 times up (with 5 burpees, OYO, at the top);
  • Mary to collect the Pax;
  • Mosey back to the base of Park & Charlottetowne, karaoke up the hill;
  • Duck behind Elizabeth Traditional, lunge-walk up the ramp;
  • Back to the lot, with 90 seconds to go, so: 10 burpees OYO;
  • Staggered merkins, 7 on each side;
  • 30 seconds to go, so quick loop around the lot, and … COT.

Here’s the Strava flyby if you want to relive the glory.


Where to begin. You don’t interject Taylor Swift into an Indy workout without expecting some s***, which was received in good fun.

My watch had us covering just shy of 4 miles, which has to be a land-record for a Razorback-Q.

So about that Castle thing: we got to the base, with YHC a little daunted at the task of trying to keep up with the Pax for some real mileage, so I had a great idea: send the fast guys up and down the Castle once, I’ll cover just 4 of the 8 flights, catch my breath and be ready to go, no one will notice, right? Wrong. Lesson learned. The “Q” became a “coach” (“and not even a ‘player-coach'” as DE was happy to point out).

Great to have Softwood out among us, bad back and all. In the midst of all the great men of Indy, I was especially fortunate to have two of my closest friends in the world – in Softwood and Tackleberry – in the same place, which was pretty special. Amidst the playlist, I slipped in a little O.A.R. with “Delicate Few,” which had a few lyrics that seemed apropos, about taking time out of a busy day to appreciate a “delicate few” moments with friends:

“Rising up early the sun barely before me I could have sworn I just went to bed.
I smell the blizzard in the air, Winter’s bitter love affair.
I grab my coat, my hat, my jacks…I put my hat on my head and I was off again as she said…

But I swear today, I’m gonna go off in a delicate way and I’ll have so much fun I swear.
No matter what goes wrong, I’ll be moving on,
I promise you, jack in my mouth, hat on my head, and I was off again she said,
Relax for a delicate few.”

Thanks to Cooler, Micro, and a few others for taking the lead while YHC was, ahem, “sweeping the six” (and he was me). Always great being among all of you men.


Indy shirt pre-order is LIVE on the F3/Mudgear site. Go get ’em while they’re hot. Sleeveless option available, and strongly encouraged. We’ll probably need to have a “sleeveless” post sometime in January or February.

See you back at it next week for an Oswald-Razorback co-Q…if Ruby doesn’t get him this week.

Couldn’t get enough of the Indy playlist this morning? Here ya’ go…







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