Which Way Greenway?

Today’s Confession’s AO was at the Attila AO (Baxter and Kings) featuring a light breeze, sunshine and lots of greenway.

Warmed-up with SSHs and Windmills (10 each).  Mosey towards Freedom Park stopping at last fountain below heading down to the creek.  Plank it up – LAH (left arm high), LLH, recover, RAH, RLH.  Down to the creek to Freedom Park (squats, merkins, calf raises – 10 each).  Continue into the Park at second bridge take a left with another left towards uptown (Which way?) stop back at East Blvd.

At this point the six got separated so the Q looped around in search of the six.  Pigskin kept the PAX moving with lunges, etc.  With a stretched out PAX the Q needs to be aware of and manage quick turns better.  My bad.  PAX reconnected at East Blvd a few minutes later.

PAX split with option #1 (3 miles): run back up to the fountain and option #2 (3.5 miles):  up East Blvd then through the hospital grounds back to the fountain where PAX reconnected.  10 derkins and 10 dips then back to the silver ball for the COT.

Announcements:  XMAS party 12/2 Saturday – please RSVP.

Takeout: Rocketman – grateful men enjoying the Greenway and this amazing world that has been given to us.  Thank you for those with foresight to create this space (especially, Ruth Samuelson).

Coffateria at Starbucks on Providence.

Please to know and Q these men!  Aye!

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