Some Things Old, Some Things New, and Nothing Blue

The Thang:

Mosey up to bus parking lot for:

20 SSH
10 Parker Peters
20 Running With Scissors
10 Peter Parkers
20 Imperial Walkers
20 Sharon Towers

7’s: Mosey 20 feet to adjacent parking lot for 7’s:

  • Run down short steep grass hill for 1 jump squat
  • Bear crawl up hill to middle of parking lot for 10 ski jumps
  • 7 knee slaps at other end of parking lot
  • Repeato counting up to 7 jump squats and down to 1 knee slap

Circlesides: Mosey to big circle for suicides running around circle with 3 stops going to and fro.

Carousel: Around flagpole in center of circle, do 3 different called exercises, rotate 10 yards counter-clockwise and repeato X3:

  • 10 plank jacks, 15 LBC’s with legs at 90 degrees, and 25 arm circles
  • 12 plank ski jumps, 15 OB’s, and 25 Apollo Ohno’s X 3
  • 10 star jacks, 15 oblique crunches, and 25 mountain climbers X 3

Birdscalator: Mosey from flagpole to stairs to MPHS football stadium for 3 rounds of pain:

  • Bear crawl up stairs, 15 diamond merkins, run down hill and then 20 LBC’s on hill
  • Bunny hop up stairs, 10 Carolina Drydocks, run down hill and then 15 windshield wipers
  • Backwards run/walk up stair, 20 merkins, run down hill and then 15 heels to heaven

Final Runs: Backwards run towards gym and carioca back up hill. Indian run for 3 laps around lot passing football front to back.

COT: Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, announcements and take out by Ditka

Naked Moleskin:

  • We have started a new pre-workout activity. Those who show up before Lite Brite (which is usually everybody) throw a few footballs around the parking lot. Not sure if we are loosening up some muscles or threaten to pul some, but it has been a welcome pre-activity.
  • Cougar took us for too much running at AG yesterday, so I did back off my wheel house for the afternoon. Did some shorter versions such as the newly introduced circlesides. Did not hear any complaints from Money since he prefers minimal mileage. Happy to accommodate my Triple Respect friend.
  • While I had a couple of options for the last round of pain, Lite Brite (who aptly named the Birdscalator) would have been wanky if I did not go there. Happy to accommodate you too my friend.
  • I did try some new things (circlesides and carousel were two) but seemed to get a few chuckles on Running with Scissors. Thanks to the Dash (F3 Winston-Salem….get it?) for showing me this last week. I am up there quite a bit and post 2 or so times each week with the Dash brethren.


1) Carrier again leading a great and expanding effort in rounding up turkeys (no….not you guys)  for the Charlotte Rescue Mission. Still seeking funds in $10 increments to support the cause, but he states we are well above last year’s 500. And other organizations have picked up steam and will crest 3,000 food baskets this year. Impressive lead by Carrier for F3 impact and impressive effort by the community to step up for families in need. See @#F3Carrier for details on giving.

2) Turkey Day Metro convergence at AG at 7:00 Thursday.Come lose a few before gaining a few.

Prayers: Ditka asked for prayers for his sister (breast cancer) and brother in-law (kidney cancer). Sister seems to be doing well; brother in-law was recently diagnosed but prognosis with surgery seems very good. But pray for full healing.

Bird Hole out. Aye!

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