The Strange Thing About Metamucil: PWW BB

The crew was on fire this morning.  At least the more tenured of the bunch.  Must have been the chill in the air that encouraged the Beamer and Lexus crew to set the heat warmers on hot therefore getting the engines moving earlier than usual.  Barely got a step in before Checkpoint started in with something about sharing proper greetings and such.  This is PrestigeMFWorldwide, you’re lucky I said “let’s go”.  Might want to save that energy for the stairs we’re going to climb 1 too many times.

Hillary had his ear horn pointed in the right direction and caught a little courage because he followed with a “yeah, boy you ever gonna break 3 hrs in a marathon again?”.

Huh?  Where did that come from?

By this time Doc(k) pulled up beside me and asked when the real workout started.  And Checkpoint is right back in it barking like a junk yard dog.  “Yeah, are we going to run the whole time?  Do you actually call this running?”

Now, I don’t mind a little razzing during a Q.  At this point it’s actually expected but from Hillary, Checkpoint and Doc(k)?

Of course I take the bait and drop into to some merkin combo and Hillary settles in right next to me as close as he can.  So close his arm hair is petting me.  And he’s whispering “This all you got little fella?  My wife wouldn’t break a sweat if it were 100 degrees right now.  Six inches?  All day long punk.  All.  Day.  Long.”

I’m trying not to show it but I’m out of breath and the arms are wobbling a little.  And of course Hillary catches a glimpse, spits my direction and says “you disgust me”.

Damn.  Like that, huh?

Just as I think I’m getting my house back in order I can hear Checkpoint talking to Doc(k).

Check:  Hey you think the kid is gonna make it to the end?

Doc(k):  Probably not.  I mean look at him, he can’t weigh a buck 40 soaking wet.  Little fella is malnourished.

Check:  I’ve seen bigger ankles on a chicken.

I’ve stretched my brain this morning trying to figure out what got into these geezers.  I thought maybe they got lucky late last night and that brought a little pep in their step.  Maybe they just all happened to catch the fleeting energy buzz at the same time.  I thought perhaps they smoked some speed behind the Dowd.  But maybe, just maybe it’s a new brand of Metamucil that has them fired up about life.

What ever it is fellas I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thanks for playing along.  See you studs next week.

Other Stuff to Think About

Wyclef Jean is underrated.

It’s almost not worth spending time on BBs when you can’t be judged by a Like/Dislike button.

What if rocks are actually soft but tense up when we touch them.




5 thoughts on “The Strange Thing About Metamucil: PWW BB

  • November 20, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    Hey Unk, how’s the “I would/wouldn’t fuck this BB with Bllz dick” button coming along?

  • November 20, 2017 at 4:09 pm

    Fake news. I’m a hugger. But I forgot to hug it out with Cindy after he insulted my high tech kenezio tape that has been integral to my recovery. Plus, it is not Metamucil. It is Ensure – actually the cheaper generic version – AARP advises saving money on generic brands.

  • November 20, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    I think the older gen was listening to some Guantanamera in the Dowd parking lot. But it was the Celia Cruz version. #40son4

  • November 21, 2017 at 9:15 am

    Ballz, sorry about the marathon comment. I know you worked ur arse off for that one. I see 2:40 in your future because like the 3 eyed Raven, I see things in the future. Can’t believe you didn’t mention Cindy’s comment about Gamucci and how Cougar would have been proud to be at PWW yesterday. My wife is stronger than all you bitches.

  • November 21, 2017 at 9:24 am

    It’s back just in time to give Hate for Thanksgiving. The $7.99 annual fee will be written off as a donation to the poor on my 2017 taxes or feel free to electronic transfer to “cheap@ss dot com”.

    My next venture will be to limit locker room cursing on this website and then I will be coming for all of your guns.

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