What up, Mom

11 worked some hills in the mean streets of Barclay Downs. Here’s what I remember:

Couple of warm-up laps on the track then over to the Sagamore/Henshaw loop (Cindy confirmed that it is indeed a circle) to twerk it out. Run 3/4 of the loop hard then recover on the last 1/4 downhill to the start. Turn around and hit it hard the other direction. Think we did 5 going each way. A few more random bursts uphill as we searched for Ewok who either 1) was scoping out the port-a-pot scene or 2) made a wrong turn on the loop. Either way, he found us and we headed over to Hatherly for some more hill twerking and so I could show everyone my childhood swingset and the blow-up turkey my mom put in the front yard. It was awesome. Cooled it down back to AG.

Only annoucements were from Cindy warning those present that they should not attend the new SIB-ling rivalry workout on Tuesday. As usual, he did it in a very kind and eloquent manner. He also gave me four kudos for the workout, but said I had to share one with my mom.

Thanks to Cherry Popper for the takeout. See you all tomorrow!

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