If you’re reading this, you really need to find something better to do

10 men tried to get better today.

To the bottom of The Lurker with a pit stop at the Owl bars for 10 pullups.

Out and back on the full Lurker/MegaTool combo with 10 stops along the way for 15 merkins.

Repeat with 10 stops for 15 knee ups.

Repeat with 10 stops for 10 jump squats.

Mary: whatever the hell Curly did while he waited for some company then 15 russian twists IC.

Down to the Owl bars.  3 rounds of pullups/dips.

Back to the lot stopping at every speed bump, crosswalk & stop sign along the way for 5 diamond merkins.

10 burpees/50 lbc’s OYO to run out the clock. COT.


Curly smoked everyone on the Lurker/MegaTool repeats. Hillary & Boone next and YHC is fairly certain Hillary even convinced Boone to do all the exercises today #accountability.  Dover, Jeeves & Missing De pushing hard as well, with De even campaigning for the full mile back so we could pop 4 miles – sorry to fall just short at 3.9.  Papyrus back out after his virgin post yesterday at BHM.  Keep up the good work. Tclaps to GUI on that EH and for pushing him through the reps today.  Kit, possibly disoriented, was extolling the virtues of both Gamucci and long sleeve cotton tee’s but did right the ship long enough to take us out with a poignant message on helping those in need & remembering how blessed we are as we head into Thanksgiving.  It appears our site Q, Uncle, will take the reins next week.  Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

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