Pre-Thanksgiving Gamucci: 50 degrees, heavy fog, wet ground, 0515 wheels up.

Making the news

  • Drop in place and start merkins. Merkins, like carrots or broccoli, were the cafeteria exercise of the day.
  • Shuffle to handrails for pulls up and LBCs.
  • Mosey some more to AG’s prison yard basketball court for more contact with wet ground. Merkins.
  • Use Selwyn entrance road for pole-to-pole action and then over Spacklers on Colony. Merkins stop at top.
  • Go to MPHS front door to test the planter. Derkins, not merkins.
  • Through MPHS campus with stop for donkey kicks on wall and then to Selwyn for a little Mary. More merkins.
  • Motor toward launch site with stop at student smoking lounge for dips. No merkins.
  • Five easy-peasy burpees to finish as time expired. 1.79 miles covered in 45:15.
  • COT.

Reporting the news

  • Pre-Thanksgiving Gamucci was robust crowd and lots of chatter.
  • Announcements: convergence at AG, Thanksgiving morning, 7AM; Turkey Trot at 9AM; prayers offered for Game’s son; Christmas party first weekend of December.
  • Breaking the rhythm method at Gamucci is controversial. At some time during workout, Booth was heard to curse the Q, and the pax were momentarily stunned to silenced. Cougar and Nibbler were uncharacteristically restrained, so Robocop made up for all slack in complaint department.
  • Merkins were a big hit, crowd pleaser and side straddle hop was saved for another day.
  • Protest counting in cadence sounds like: “1,2,3…hmph; 1,2,3….hmph” and on and on. No number.
  • Robocop delivered excellent Thanksgiving prayer.
  • Coffee-teria covered several unusual, never discussed topics: sports, military, money, and a brief thought about women. Kit, Wahoo, 6Mike, Robocop, and YHC awaited Rook’s arrived in street clothes, smelling right and looking good.
  • Like Motel 6, 6Mike keeps the Gamucci light on, and Your Obedient Servant appreciated the opportunity to lead likeminded men of purpose.
  • Until next time, peace be with you, gents.

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