Making room for dessert

I found out about a month ago that my 92 year old grandfather plays golf alone 3 days a week because all of his friends have died. I’m not a golfer but I asked if I could come up to Virginia to play golf with him yesterday, on his 93rd birthday. He killed me with short 90 yard drives, straight as an arrow every time. Everyone on the course knew him and guys drove up in golf carts just to say hello. I realized how many years I wasted not spending time with him doing his favorite thing. We talked about how he once drove from Alabama to Philly and back on $10 worth of gas and how he won’t watch the NFL anymore because he buried too many Marines to see anyone kneel during the anthem. I think it was one of the best days either of us had in a long time and a great reminder to be thankful that men died so that we could work out at 5:30 and grab a cup of coffee, without putting our lives on the line…..except maybe when Fishwrap leads Promo.


Back to the BB….


Stringer and Rhapsody showed up for Extra Credit – Stinger got Extra Extra Credit and ran a lap on the track at about 5:09. At 5:15 we ran down the road to Atlas’s base, marked our territory with some pull ups then ran back to grab the PAX.

The Thang – 


Warmup – SSH, Head Slap Merkins, Star Plank, Mountain Climbers


Run down to bottom of school building…

20 Step Ups, 20 Derkins, 20 Dips – Run around school and SSH while you wait for the PAX

Rinse and repeat X3

Sit on wall and do Wall Sit Marches in cadence to 20.


Track work 


Quick Indian Run around the track to set the stage…


Starfish action – 5 cones placed around the track – run to cone 1, then back to base and do 3 burpees, run to cone 2, back to do 3 burpees, etc.

Cone 1 – Merkins (20)

Cone 2 – 20 Carolina Dry Docks (20)

Cone 3 – Diamond (20)

Cone 4 – Wide Arm (20)

Cone 5 – Shoulder press (40) with paver


More track work….

Round 1 – PAX Runs around the track and does 3 burpees at cones 1, 2 & 3 and then planks at cone 4 – when the last PAX arrives he yells go and everyone races AYG to the finish (Our FNG was in the back so this time it didn’t work – he’ll learn quickly)

Round 2 – PAX Runs to cones 5 (shoulder presses20 ), then 4 (jump squats 20), then planks at cone 2, when the last PAX arrives he yells “go” and everyone races to the finish (Crotch Rocket got it this time)

Grab the pavers and do 20 squat curls in cadence and put them back.


Plyo 101

Head back to the main lot and each person grabs a parking lot line…

  • Cross country skier forward and backward on the line (quick jumps over and back on the line)
  • Broad jump with 2 second pause
  • Start on stomach and run full speed to end of line and jump on 1 leg for 5 jumps (switch legs for round 2)
  • Cross country skier sideways and back



  • Full situps, heels to heaven, flutter, in cadence and we’re done….




I told Stinger & Rhap during EC that what’s different about Metro and Area51 is that everyone is really fast, at least at Promo, and especially the older guys. I expected a lot more waiting around during some of the lap work and everyone was right there. Not sure how they do it. Could it be the Lululemon racing shorts or the kombucha on tap at Whole Foods? Bear Claw’s sandals may need a second look to check for performance enhancers. Anyway, I was impressed that the PAX was together the entire morning.


Our FNG (Alibi) came out blazing fast. Crotch Rocket gave him some props, all while pushing to the front as well. I didn’t realize we had an FNG so I did a personal disclaimer with him mid-way through the workout. He’s a defense attorney so we need him around – you never know when some a-hole will forget to do the disclaimer the same day someone eats it on a wet track and knocks out his toof. When we asked Alibi to tell us about himself he said “I live around here”. He almost got the name Outlaw but I vetoed that as being too cool.


We were noticeably without Kickin’ Chicken this morning but plenty of other guys stepped up to heckle the Q and complain about burpees.



If you know guys in Chicago/Austin get them out to F3 in those towns – I worked out in Chicago a few weeks ago during their launch weeks (The Bean) and the AO is unreal – and freaking cold.

METRO Convergence – Thanksgiving Day (tomorrow) – AG Middle 0700-0800

Area51 Convergence  – Friday at Kevlar – this is at Covenant Day School on 51




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  • November 25, 2017 at 7:49 pm

    Great lead, OW, and even better story about your grandfather. I wonder about opportunities like you had with him that we miss all the time. Great reminder to stop and take the time to talk with guys we love that have been around a long time. Most wisdom is gained through an abundance of experience. Thanks for your lead and for roughing it down in Cotswold.

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