Rollerblades are still cool

13.25 men gathered for another episode of the twilightzone.  It was warmer today…but thick and sticky.  The pax prefer cold and dry…but we get what mother nature provides and make do.


Run into Train lot for COP:  SSH (11), Mountain Climbers, Merkins, Widearms, Diamonds, Right foot high, Left foot high, Mountain Climbers…

Off towards the nature center and stop at the newly formed concrete square pad along the left side of the pond loop.  Perfect spot to gather the pax and provide instructions.

Loops around the pond with a partner.  4 stops (at each ends and two in the middle).

Lap 1:

20 Partner Derkins (x4)

100 LBCS to collect the six

Lap 2:

20 Partner Derkins, 10 jump over burpees (x4)

Flutters and LBCs to collect the six

Head to the Owl bars for 12 Pull ups, 25 dips (3 rounds).

Start the shlep to home base stopping at all trees on the left for a single merkin (about 15 of them).

Another 25 LBC’s OYO then take it home.



Hint Hint….1 merkin = a burpee….sneaky but effective final trek home

the loops around the pond are long, i’m guessing about .7 miles??

Who rollerblades in the dark around freedom park pond at 5:45 am…with a headlamp and a full parka on (50 degrees)….obviously not the F3 pax.   First pass of said Blader has us in a heated standoff.  Dude stopped 20 yards away and just starred us down with his headlamp for a minute.   I’m sure he’s thinking, how can i skate cut these MF’s in the face doing these weird looking push ups.   I was quite intimidated when the guy just starred from an uncomfortable distance….if this guy filming us?  going to shoot us and then take off on his blades…    luckily he eventually creped closer and we made a path.  The closer he got the smaller he got….couldn’t have been over 5ft tall with the blades on.  The headlamp added 2 ft in the dark.


Planking is still a thing and when done effectively (weighted and for periods of time) it can still burn.   Plenty of planking today with 160 Partner Derkins each and 40 burpees.  So lots of chest, arm, and Gut work today.   Trying to make room for turkey tomorrow.


Lot of hustlers out there today…the pax stayed tight surprisingly well (# cheaters).  The burpee is a great equalizer.


Congrats to Carrier for being the recipient of 400 burpees thanks to give efforts to raise money for turkey dinners this holiday.  Great cause and can’t wait to have an accountant verify those 400.

Valdez if your Q at MIP this Saturday, come support this group.  You won’t be disappointed.

Nash is your Q next week, I’m sure his absence from Bandit is due to the new devious exercises he’s been patenting.  Can’t wait.

Smoke took us out in style.  Thank you brother!


-Redd Foxx




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