You Had *Two Jobs

7 men braved 39 degrees – and the specter of some TSwift – for a post-Thanksgiving Day beatdown. Hard to believe, there’s only 36 days left until New Year’s Day.

Without further ado, Ready for it…?

The Thang

  • Intent on some mileage, Pax ran out of the park, down 5th, with a quick stop at CMC-Mercy back lot for some COP:
    • SSH x 20
    • Imperial Walker x 20
  • And back down 5th, missed the turn at Laurel (Don’t Blame Me, was lost in conversation with Snots and Oswald), so a right onto Dotger;
    • At bottom of Dotger Hill at Deacon, we planned to lunge-walk up to the Getaway Car parked atop the hill; but after some yammering from the Delicate among us, that was cut short;
  • Rest of the way up to the Dotger Hill, right onto Randolph, and then pop back into the Sons of Thunder AO (beyond Westminster Presbyterian Church) for some quick Mary;
  • Run Colville to Eastover to Cherokee (passing the 2.5 mile mark, and right about know I’m thinking, I Did Something Bad);
  • Co-Q’s pulling up the rear (thanks to Drone and others for keeping the fast guys busy), but there was light at the end of the tunnel, as we saw the pax gathered and waiting for us atop the Eastover/Cherokee hill; after coasting into the corner, we determined that it was in fact the boys from Cherokee, who joined up for an impromptu convergence…at this point, the Reputation of Indy is on the line in front of our Cherokee brethren;
  • Collect in the Eastover Elementary schoolyard for some circuits:
    • 15 dips;
    • 20 step-ups;
    • 10 pull-ups (or something like that, Call It What You Want);
    • Lap around the track;
  • Oswald took over for a smoked-Q at the half-way mark, and offered up:
    • 2-minute Squat workout (H/T Crotch 🚀):
      • 30 seconds regular squats;
      • 30 seconds pulses (enough of these, you’ll be the King of [Your M’s] Heart);
      • 30 seconds jump squats;
      • 30 seconds air chair;
    • Over to the fence, where we Danced With Our Hands Tied:
      • 11’s, with Rocky Leg Lowers and LBCs (H/T Rev. Flo-Rida from a workout a few years back at the now-defunct Uhhh…A.S.S… Definitely miss that workout. Oh well, So It Goes);
  •  19 minutes to cover almost 2 miles back to Indy, that’s some Gorgeous planning by the co-Q’s;
    • Jailbreak, er Mosey, back to Indy, stopping 4 times for Merkins x 30 along the way.
  • End Game: COT.


Aimed to accomplish Goal #1, if not Goal #2. Depriving Razorback of the comfort/distraction of the speaker-and-circuit workouts? Look What You Made Me Do….mileage. It was a chilly 39 degrees, but most were Dress[ed] appropriately.

Apologies for the extra-credit, as we (OK, Razorback) rolled back in to the Indy lot at 8:02. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things. Still all told, a nice beatdown, with the farthest we’ve ventured south of the AO in recent memory — somewhere between 4.6-5 miles all told.

Happy Thanksgiving, brothers — grateful for you all, and for this thing that is F3. And hey, we accomplished Goals #1 and #2: a solid workout…and absolutely no TSwift appearances.


Christmas Party coming up fast. Sign up here.

If you’ve got no plans this afternoon, wander on over to Park Road Books for a book-signing by HIM Tyler Smith, Penn State ’02, who will be autographing copies of his debut book: Called for Traveling.


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