Better Early Than Never

Not sure what the statute of limitations is on not posting a BB but I hope it has passed since I now must confess.  So, this time I am posting it immediately after the workout.

Pax: Rev, Pigskin, Rocket Man, VW, Meat Ball, YHC (Hoe Down)

The thing:


Merkin X 10 / Stretch Arama

  • Regular – > RF to RH hold
  • Diamond – > LF to LH hold
  • Stagger Left -> RF to RH and twist hold
  • Stagger Right – > LF to RH and twist hold

Mosey with Bells to Picnic Tables for 11’s

  • Step up with RH bell press & Knee Ups
  • Step up with LH bell press and Knee Ups

Mosey to Field with Bells for 3 sets of SHUTUPS 10 X (Swings, Hammer curls, Upright Rows, Tricep extensions, Upright Rows, Press Ups, Squats goblet)  with the rule of no putting down your bell. If you finish early you get to enjoy doing Dynamic-Cross Fit-Stagger Merkins (they are not as fun as they sound!)

Mosey to Playground with Bells @ 10 X

  • Power to the Peoples Chair:  while sitting in Peoples Chair, press up with your bell and then raise and lower your right leg.
  • Rest by doing BTTW with 10 hip slaps
  • Neat-o Repeat-o on Power to the Peoples Chair flap jack

Parking Lot for Mary with Bell – slow with sound form:

  • 2 X 10 of Knee Ups, Russian Twist, Louganis
  • Rosaletta X 10

COT:  Rev shared the sad news of a dear friend who took his own life. We observed a moment of silence before Rev took us out as only he can.

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