Holiday schmoliday- let’s get to work

Yes, it was Black Friday and Attila was open for business.  Nine shoppers were there when the doors opened, not looking for any bargains though.  Those in line came willing able to lay down some heavy cash for a heavy beatdown.  Let’s get to work.

Mosey to Dresslers backstage. SSH x 20. Mosey to Target circle. MC x 20. Mosey to bridge wall. IW x 20. Mosey to Thompson park.

9’s #1:  Derkins at the bottom.  Up the stairs.  Double wide merkins at the top.  Run sidewalk to ramp connector.  Run ramp back to walls.

Mary for all to finish.

9’s #2: Step up at walls.  Reverse course, running ramp and park sidewalk to top of stairs.  Elbow squats at top.  Down steps back to walls.

Mary for all to finish.

9’s #3:  Dips at walls, up stairs, up-back-jacks at top, sidewalk and ramp back down.

Head back to start, stopping at Bridge wall for PC (cut short due to expulsion of toxic turkey stuffing gasses).

Run to Target circle.  Reverse plankorama.

Run to backstage.  One burpee (just to say we did), then run back to start.

COT – Grapevine with wonderful message of Thanksgiving.

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