Post Turkey Day Burn at Man Cave

5 Pax rolled off the couch, with a Panther victory at hand, and headed out for some extra burn on the long weekend.

The Thang

Mosey from MPHS gym, down colony to the driveway of Selwyn Elementary for some COP. SSH x 20, IWs x20, Squats x20, Merkins x15, LBCs x20, Dips x15

Mosey up to the track and field at AG MS for some field work. Starting at the goal line, Pax lunge walk for ten yards, then bear crawl for 10 yards, then lunge walk for ten yards and so on down the field to the other end zone. Plankorama led by Trader. Then knee slaps to mid field, 5 Merkins, jog back and plank. Then Karaoke to mid field, 6 merkins, and jog back to plank. Then backwards run to midfield 7 merkins, jog back to plank.

Mosey down to the stairs on the backside of Selwyn. Each Pax called out an exercise while he ran up to the top and back down the stairs while the pax did the called exercise. Pax called out squats, diamonds, Carolina Dry Docks, Tijuana get ups, derkins, and so on.

Mosey up to the back driveway of MPHS for some squats, merkins, and LBCs, then mosey up to the “money lot” for some more squats, merkins and Peter Parkers, then mosey up to the MPHS gym for some dips, incline merkins, peoples chair.


Don’t forget the F3 Holiday Party this weekend! Thanks to Trader for a great takeout. Look forward to seeing all the regulars back after the long weekend. Have a great week guys!

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