Safety First (or Second, or Third)

12 Pax. 28 degrees. One Bedazzed hat. Giddy up.

Beverly to Sherwood, to Queens, then run back down the hill and back up again.

Cross Queens, COP in a quiet intersection: SSH, Seal Jacks in perfect unison (thank you, drum line), Mountain Climbers, straight into merkins. The set was so old-school, A&H asked if we had to go sign up for a mud run next. That’s good stuff.

Sherwood until it connects to East Blvd. Some car almost took out the Six. Up to Kid Cashew, then run back down to Asheville Lane and back up the hill again. Sprinkle not amused at this point.

East Blvd to Kenilworth/Scott, and into the Christmas tree lot for a pine-scented COP: man-maker merkins (in honor of Rock), jump squats. Back out, to Dilworth Rd. East, and to the entrance of Latta Park. Plank, then 15 dips on a bench or rock, then 10 hand-release merkins.

Romany Road out of the park, continue through the most scenic hospital driveway in Charlotte (TM), right on Morehead, damn near kill Sprinkle while crossing Kings, and regroup at Edgehill Park. Realize someone took the monkey bars away (about a year ago, from what I’m told), so YHC happily audibles out of pull ups, to dips, merkins and burpees OYO.

Head back along Queens, say hi to Groupon, damn near kill 3 pax crossing the Providence / Queens intersection (PSA: that’s a busy intersection, even at 0-dark-thirty). Announce that there’s 4 minutes and 4 seconds left for the traditional AYG home from MP Methodist. Finished 0615 on the nose. 4.75 miles.


Kinda strange that on YHC’s first-ever Q while wearing a headlamp, and with 50% of the pax decked out in reflective gear, I still almost had some casualties out there. First one wasn’t my fault, but last 2 were. Sorry about that, boys. Just before the Kings Drive crossing, Sprinkle had warned me that he might be taking a bio break soon. Based on how he squealed while that Forerunning was bearing down on us, I think we took care of those bio needs right then and there.

Snots doesn’t say much, but he gets after it. He’s a good companion up front.

Hawaii 5-0 is tall.

I love the AYG from MP Methodist back to CEC. Probably run that 50 or more times in my life. Every time it’s hard. My the legs didn’t have it in ’em today to make it special, but 5-0’s, Tardy’s, Sprinkle’s and Snots’ sure did. Way to close strong, gents.

Speaking of closing strong, A&H delivered a good COT message about being there for people in a time of need, and about his upcoming adventure to save a stranger’s life via a stem cell transplant for which he’s volunteered. T-claps for responding quickly when people need you in an emergency, and for planning ahead to help someone in need. May we all have those reactions and foresight.

Now, about MMOB’s hat. He says it’s from his sister’s brother’s husband’s cousin’s dad’s new company, or something, but I think he got it while shopping for fall-hued dress shirts in the Clearance bin at Famous Mart last week. It’s got a giraffe made out of sequins. With realistic giraffe ossicones, which Owl Bait thinks is a unicorn horn, but he just doesn’t know much about the true anatomy of a giraffe. But he does know about Bedazzling. For sure.

That’s it. Blackjack, hope you feel better soon. Rock, I promise not to have as many near-misses next time.


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