The runner is not a game; he is a contest.

6 dudes were not deterred by the 33 degree temps or the 200s x infinity preblast. You missed it.

The Thang:

The Moleskine:

  • After a fairly easier set of instructions than planned, the PAX was off for a mind bending exercise of counting laps, checking pace, and controlling the urge to run the speed 200s too fast or the float 200s too slow. All completed the 4 miles of intervals / floats and the total distance for the morning was ~7 miles. Right on script.
  • I just finished reading a 70% philosophy, 30% running book (Running & Being by George Sheehan) #20/20’sfavortiethings #christmaslist. Like it or not, this means my backblasts in the near future (#20/20writesbackblasts?) will include quotes I think relate to the morning. For this morning “The runner is not a game; he is a contest. And that is a word whose Latin root means to testify or witness… When you run, you are under oath. When you run, your are testifying as to who you are… A runner will go to the end of his physiology to find out who he is and what he can do. Put himself deeper and deeper into a cauldron of pain. What is necessary becomes possible, however absurd the effort may be…”


  • It’s giving Tuesday. Here are a few worthy causes if you don’t have one on your mind: SpeedForNeed, LetMeRun, F3Foundation. Also, for LetMeRun, eat at Sabor or Boudreax’s today, and grab some beers fro Triple C. Each of those establishments are donating a % of proceeds.

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