When Im 64

The Beatles, “When I’m 64” was the first song I played. That’s cause tomorrow, I ain’t 64 no more.



20 SSHs

20 IWs

10 Windmills



10 minutes of Burpees: 10 Burpees per minute. Modifications were allowed. For example, Nibbler did Furpees (I was afraid to watch.)



To the railing between the Temple and the Selwyn Bus Lot, single count:

10 Outboard Rows

10 Ruskis

9 Outboard Rows

9 Ruskis




To the Temple for Angry Donkeys: 11s with donkey kicks and people’s chair air presses


Next set of 11s

Diamonds in the Temple and Squats near the parking lot



A series of exercises including SSHs, Merkins, Star Jumps, Stagger arm Merkins, lunges, etc. and some stretching exercises for the last two minutes.



December 2 Party Saturday, RSVP to Wuerfel, Announcements: Wuerfel needs an RSVP for the party on December 2, Saturday at Southside, 1600 Montford Drive. Cost is $12 dollars. Light Bar Food, Music, Cash bar.

Wuerfel’s Email: krfortier1@gmail.com

December 8 Foo’s band playing at Visulite

December 9, 4-year anniversary for Silver Bullet, Dredd and Horse are co-Q’ing,

December 21, F3 Luncheon Free, Charlotte Country Club


HallPass with the takeout



Retired from Duke Energy after 40 years as an accountant.

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