When You’re in Charge Take Charge

A baker’s dozen shook off the rust of the long holiday weekend and the extra pounds that come with it to get better and faster at SIBling Rivalry this morning. After a brief disclaimer regarding YHC long and storied history of speed workouts (today was #4 if you’re scoring at home) and call to order by OBT we launched into the circular gloom of the track.
What we did:
Started by informing GAAP that to date this workout hasn’t featured SSH and that tradition continued.
1600m x 1 – at your 5K pace. #YouVsYou
400m fellowship recovery – walk/jog
800m x 2 – 5-10% faster than the 800m split you posted during 1600m
200m recovery after 1st and second 800m
400m x 4 – 5-10% faster than the 400m split you posted during 800s
100m recovery after each 400
Finish where we started.

Mosey to front of school
LBC x 20
Rosalita x 15
Oblique crunch x 10 L/R
Plank Jack x 20


Great advice from OBT this morning inspired the Backblast title after a relatively passive introduction to the plan of attack today by YHC. This guy’s got a future in this leadership stuff, maybe he should consider starting an organization with a focus on that…

Awesome group out here this morning helping Sparty and YHC get through the Kubler Ross stages of grief after yet another defeat of the winningest college football program ever at the hands of the *uckeyes. We both seem to be in “bargaining” focusing on if we had a different QB the outcome would have been different. Little know fact but O’Korn in Irish translates to interception. #whoknew.

Mileage hit the management prerequisite maximum of 3 miles this morning. As YHC mentioned at the outset my knowledge is somewhat limited on speed work and thus “Dr. Google”. Idea of today’s work out was to shorten the distance throughout the workout but increase the pain by upping the effort and speed. Essentially focused and trying to find a sweet spot of recovery, speed and distance in decrescendo fashion to increase VO2 max. Pretty heady stuff and reminded YHC of first year physiology course. Unfortunately didn’t have time to add the skaters/keuchlys/coldcuts in following the track work but will keep it in mind for a future Q.

Metro Christmas Party this Saturday – 7-11p on Montford. Advance ticket purchase preferred and appreciated. Info on website.

Carrier reported Metro raised $5000 for 500 turkeys for those in need this Thanksgiving. He also delivered on 500 burpees and didn’t look any worse for the wear flying around the track.

OBT took us out.  Cobains about lack mention #respect in Pax listing.  Left phone in car and this was from memory.

As YHC was pulling out of the parking lot it looked like GAAP was staying behind working on an EH of a Sad Clown finishing up at the track. Aye! #HIM


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  • November 28, 2017 at 9:19 pm

    Good stuff GasX. Even though I only hung around for the first few sets due to baby duties at the casa. I’ll be back at this one.

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