A Holiday Tradition

When YHC volunteered to Q Casbah, YHC immediately reached out to Casbah executive management to request permission to conduct a special, Black Friday edition that would start at 6 am and run for an hour.  To no surprise (and probably because none of the FOUR site Qs showed up), they readily agreed.  With permission granted and a certain destination in YHC’s mind, the Pax had no trouble rightly concluding that we’d be headed to Capitol Towers.  Despite this knowledge, 5 other Pax showed anywhere.

Here’s what they did.

The Thang

– After multiple pauses to allow AF to adjust his safety gear, off we went through the Portal and over to the empty ABC store / TajMaTeeter lot for COP:

SSH x15

Some Mary exercise x10

Flip it for Merkins x10

– Long mosey down to the Specialty Shops to grab some wall on the fountain outside Talbot’s and Bricktops for:

Dips x20 (IC)

Derkins x10 (IC)

Dips x10 (IC)

It was at this point that the Pax encountered four very eager Tomatoes just itching to drop some coin at Talbot’s.  Unfortunately for them, and the Brink’s guy who was literally trying to drop off some serious coin, the store had decided that a 7 AM opening was perfectly reasonable for Black Friday (side note: YHC surmises this has something to do with the facts that (1) it’s easier to shop online and (2) retailers have apparently decided that the American public would rather shop on Thanksgiving evening than enjoy time with their families).

– Continue mosey down and up Morrison to that most beautiful of parking decks for the main event

Modified Zipper(TM): up the stairs, across each level with stops for 10 diamond in the middle of each floor, then up the opposite stairs.  Rinse and repeat to the top, then all the way back down (no stops)

Brief Mary / Plank Interlude

Partner Work: partner up with P1 heading up one stairwell and P2 heading up the opposite stairwell.  Run across each level, meeting partner for 10 partner derkins each on the way up and 10 partner hand-slaps merkins on the way down

More Mary

– Head back out to Morrison with a return stop outside the Talbot’s (nope: still not open.  Tomatoes and Brink’s guy appear to have given up on a pre-7 AM opening) for:

Dips x15 (IC)

Derkins x10 (IC)

Dips x5 (IC)

– Through the alley and past Paco’s Tacos and Pure Barre, then left on Roxborough.  Pause on the corner for some Mary, then all the way up to Sharon for another stop for some Mary.

– Last push with a faster than Mosey pace back to the house

– COT with BOM take-out (that YHC nearly forgot)

Naked Moleskine

– How did the Pax all know that YHC would take us to Capitol Towers?  Probably because YHC did the same thing during the last special, hour-long Casbah just before New Year’s last year #longmemories

– Strong work by all the Pax, but particularly by Nor’easter.  Less than 24 hours after his FNG post to the Thanksgiving convergence co-Q’d by his brother-in-law Benefactor, this Charlotte native and Manhattan resident knocked out 5+ miles of running with stairs plus a couple hundred merkin variations, a lot of dips, and some Mary.  Great to have him join us and look forward to future posts when he’s in town

– YHC had intended to spend even more time at Capitol Towers, but took the Pax on circuitous routes to get there to avoid traffic

– Speaking of which, the Pax were a little surprised by the light Black Friday traffic around South Park.  Either the clientele for the higher-end chains was unconcerned about sale prices or the retail apocalypse really has arrived in earnest

– After the beatdown, the Pax reconvened at the new 2-story Starbucks on Sharon Road, which led to a long discussion about how America’s “favorite” coffee chain had tried to impose the urban model (large tables at which strangers sit with one another) on a city whose population just might not be ready for that sort of thing.  We’ll see who blinks first, but YHC’s money is on Starbucks giving in to more “Southern-style” seating arrangements

– A little bit of shade was thrown toward Friday morning’s other workout in the area, Fortress, which unnamed Pax characterized as an “executive workout” #shotsfired #norespectforyourelders

– Capitol Towers may just offer the best views of any AO in all of Metro with clear line of sight all the way to Uptown.  While the sunrise was beautiful, attempts by the Pax to press the pause button on the partner work were brushed aside

– Perhaps the Pax would have had time to enjoy the view had Aquafresh and Orlando not delayed the partner work with some feigned (or, if real, Thanksgiving dinner-induced) confusion about the instructions


– Please join F3 for “Come to the Table”, a Men’s Luncheon* to Celebrate F3’s Investment in
Caring for Our Community.  Details below:

Date: Thursday, 21st December

Location: Charlotte Country Club

Time: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Drinks and lunch will be provided at no cost.  Dress is business casual.

We will have a brief program to celebrate contributions of the F3 Pax to The Men’s Shelter of CharlotteCharlotte Rescue MissionUrban Eagles and I Am 24/7.

You will have the opportunity to donate to these important missions.

*Dads are welcome to bring 2.0s as long as you register them.


– Two HDHH options on 11/29 (today!):

Metro is at Resident Culture in Midwood.

A51 is at Kits Trackside in Pineville, celebrating F3 brother Dumpster Fire (Joe Maxim) winning a seat on town council.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

God Bless,


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