Quantum Mechanics and Uncertainty

24 pax at Bandit.

A reasonable facsimile of our workout is…

Warm up to the train lot with lunge walks, hurdle walks (new) and backwards run.

COP by the train with SSH, squats, POWER mountain climbers, merkins, speed skaters

Run to hill of hills. Jacob’s Ladder (1-7 burpees at top). 5x more up/down the hill (5 merkins at top and 5 jump squats at the bottom). 7s with backwards run up the hill (burpees and merkins). In between the hill sets we did mountain climbers, plank jacks, squats, reverse lunges, makhtar, makhtar jacks, merkins, single leg merkins, peter parker.

Run to soccer field. Side plank hip raises, leg raises, reach through (full Jane Fonda style). Flapjack. More plank and makhtar (I think).

Bear crawl, backwards bear crawl, jog home.

Cape Fear’s finest knows where to be on Wednesday in Charlotte. Pro tip: Stay out of quiet residential neighborhoods when HE in the house – easier to keep count when he is around, however. Some people can do burpees very fast. Apolo Ohno and Eric Heiden (or Dan Jansen for that matter) did not really play the same sport. Skating used to be a lot less roller derby-esque. Backwards run is not very fun for anyone. Meanwhile someone swiped Froman’s table at the F3 event at CCC (seems like a Joe Dirt kind of move).

Sign up to Q Bandit. Only one date left in 2017 but RF will surely have 2018 sheet up shortly.

On 12/21, F3 hosting a charity lunch at Charlotte Country Club. You may not sing Friends in Low Places. Seating is limited and you need to register in advance. No official cost but please given generously to support multiple causes related to F3 (detailed in registration link).

Let’s do it again next week.


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