8@8 Preblast: Dilworth Switchbacks

We’ve gotten in the habit of dialing-it-in over here at 8@8 lately. We’ve been recycling routes, sometimes because they were good and fun, but other times, maybe it was because we didn’t have the time or the energy. Or, we were just lazy (creating routes is hard!). It’s my fault; not yours.

So, I apologize. To keep things interesting, this week we’ll be running a never-before-seen route. It involves a lot of turns, but it is fairly obvious when to make those, so hopefully most can follow it without issue (someone hold Sub4’s hand for the hard parts). Or, you can print this out and try to read it while running. I think Mr. Bo does that, because Mr. Bo follows the rules.

At least it will make for interesting Strava art, which is important.

Strava Link: https://www.strava.com/routes/11298567

Turn by Turn (just remember Left, Left, Right, Right (A,B,A,B, select, start?) and you should be fine and will win at Contra):

  1. Down Hopedale, Slight Left on Queens
  2. Stay straight to get onto East Blvd. Run by the Freedom Park gravel lot and head up the hill.
  3. Left onto South Blvd.
  4. Left on Cleveland Ave (if you are looking for a landmark, this appears to be right before Leather and Lace, aka Subway’s old stomping grounds)
  5. Right onto Rensselaer Ave (until it dead ends)
  6. Right on Euclid (until it dead ends)
  7. Left on Magnolia
  8. Left on Lyndhurst (until it dead ends)
  9. Right on E. Park Ave
  10. Right on Winthrop Ave (until it dead ends)
  11. Left on Tremont
  12. Left on Springdale Ave (until it dead ends)
  13. Right on E. Park Ave
  14. Right on Park Rd.
  15. Left on Magnolia (until it dead ends)
  16. Left on Dilworth Rd W
  17. Right on Dilworth Rd E
  18. Left on East Blvd and back the Goldman lot the same way you came in


Dizzzy? If you get lost, just run around Dilworth until you hit 7 miles and then run back to the AO.

And, if you’re like Bushwood and only want to run 6, you can just start by jumping on at Lyndhurst (but you’ll be taking a right on Lyndhurst from East Blvd, after that, all the directions should work). But, you’ll miss the tour of Leather and Lace.

See you at 5:15.



One thought on “8@8 Preblast: Dilworth Switchbacks

  • November 30, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    So, what time should I be at Leather & Lace?

    Peace be with you,

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