Speed For Need – Leaving the Nest at Turkey Dash

On Thanksgiving Day Speed For Need left the Tolkien-Nest. Or was it the Hobbit-Hole? Or the Mongolian-Ger? Whatever it was, it was time because in race # 20 it was time for the fabulous Mongolian founder to spend some time with his family. It was hard wrestling all event logistics away from him as Mongols fight hard. They also know that no one else can lead a horde as well as they do. And it turned out to be true. YHC and Ironhorse did not do as good a job and we still have a few loose ends out there like a late backblast and a late video – BUT, our Track Commanders and their families never noticed a blip. The beauty of this Speed for Need stuff is that we create an incredibly memorable experience for our TC’s, their families, and the PAX without a whole lot of effort – well actually their are some logistical efforts leading up to the gun, but once the kids are safely strapped in the chairs and the gun goes off, it is just simple joy for all.

Luka, Brady, and Bucky were the champions of the day. While not able to communicate verbally with us, they each expressed their excitement in different ways, from an ecstatic squeal to a simple lifting of their legs off of the chair. It was a short 4 Mile race but the fan support was awesome along the way and especially at the start and finish. How cool is it to be able to present not only a Turkey Dash medal but also a sweet Speed for Need medal to our Track Commanders – very cool.

The pax turned out strongly to carry two shovel flags and support three chairs, all of which moved at different paces. Vuvuzela set the pace with Luka and dropped a bunch of pax including our videographer! Rumor has it he got an assist from Maverick in the middle miles and then closed fast. Maverick loved the excitement Vuvuzela displayed and the education on the ways Luka conveyed his joy! Hops had a lot of weight to push with his 23 year old Track Commander, Bucky so he had the mid pack crowd and possibly shared his chair for some miles with Madison and Slim Fast among others. Brady’s whole family wanted to run with him so his dad pushed him at a moderate family pace and to no surprise, Ironhorse who would rather swim or do burpees than run, escorted the family and encouraged them along the way.

We had a few challenges getting video during the race of every group given how spread out we were, but that did not detract from the excitement that we all enjoyed.

If you have not run in one of these events before, get out there. It is an incredible experience. We all had a lot to be thankful for on a great Thanksgiving Day, but nothing so much as the thanks we have for the loving families of these three track commanders. They have a different relationship with their children than many of us have, but the love and communication and commitment is so unbelievable to witness. I am thankful for their blessing of love bestowed on their children.


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