Atilla Always in Top Form



25 of F3s finest met on this chilly fall morning at the Atilla AO (corner of Kings Blvd and Baxter) for our regular workout.  Fun was had by all.  Several of us, including YHC, were burdened by bronchitis and other ailments of the season.  Still, we were there in top form and ready for action.  Here is what transpired.

  • Stretch shoulders, ITB, belly
  • Fifty Shades of Merkin + Donkey Kicks + Rock Hoppers + Jump Squats + Stump Jumpers
  • Run Kiosk to Fountain loop X4
  • Partner Derkin + Bropee + Handslap Merkin + Wheelbarrow
  • Bearway to Heaven (Burpees >> Bear Crawls >> Burpees)
  • Thirty Shades of Merkin + Table Touch Toes + Plank hip slaps  + Makhtar N’Diayes + 4 count diag LBCs + Dollies + Flutters + Rosalitas
  • 8 Count Body Builders

YHC heard cries of pain and weariness from the pax, but we carried on.  We were buoyed in our attitudes by late sixties R&R, and YHC can still hear the strains of Houses of the Holy as this is being written.  Despite the bellyaching, we all survived and are maybe a little stronger for having done it.

Announcements were made, especially of the Christmas Party on Saturday, Saturday’s 4th anniversary of Silver Bullet, and of the big F3 3rd F meeting on Dec 21st.  I for one have already made my booking.   Tesla took us out with his usual elegance and grace.

I enjoy my every chance to Q this fine bunch and look forward to the next time with you all.


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