I guess you can Dere-lick my balls, Cap-i-tan

20 attacked the gloom at Sparta this morning.  This is how it played out:

Down the hill, left on McDonald, left into tramp stamp park, up the hill & over the fence to the track (#demonsconquered).

Sparta Mile Redux – 400 lap with a 10 squats corner 1, 15 dips corner 2, 20 merkins corner 3, 25 lbc’s corner 4.  Hop the fence and down to the playground for 10 pullups then back up to the track.

Repeat three more times increasing the rep counts at each stop by 5 each lap.

Mary to collect the six – heels to heaven & freddy mercury (led by one of the fast guys), knee ups, russian twists IC with YHC.

Up Elmhurst, left on Poindexter, left on Sunset, left on Park, left into the bike shop parking lot, stopping for 10 diamond merkins at every stop sign, cross street and speed bump (13 stops).

Mary to collect the six – rosalita/dolly (fast guys), heels to heaven IC.

To the bottom of Versailles hill – AYG to the dumpster, 10 jump squats, back down to the bottom for 10 jump squats.  Repeat.

To the bottom of the Sedgefield hill – backwards run to the school then 30 dips OYO. Down to the lot for COT.


Metro Christmas Party tomorrow night and F3 lunch 12/21 at Charlotte CC.  Details on the site if interested. Missing De on Q at Midwood tomorrow.


Some real bad ass mofo’s out there today, with Lee, TML, Ice 9 and Curly all consistently at the front of the pack. Doc(k) up there too when he wasn’t opting into free play. Somehow this was TML’s first Sparta post – great to have you with us.  The Slice’s marketing efforts are clearly paying off. Tclaps to Shredder for sticking to his guns and doing his pullups wherever the hell he damn well pleased.  First post for YHC since Skyline Gillooly’d me at Sparta last week and it was great to be back out with you sons ‘a bitches. Thanks to Kit for the takeout.


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  • December 2, 2017 at 10:50 am

    glad you recovered so quickly doobie, that was a long fall from the tree

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