Blue Collar Workout

10 running braves showed up this morning & here is what we did.

The Thang:

Mosey to baseball field parking lot & circle up for warm-a-rama while TD did a dump-a-rama.  Pax did SSH x 20 & IW x 20.  Once TD was done, it was time to vacate the area, so mosey through all the baseball fields at Randolph Park to the parking lot by Billlingsley Rd.  More warm-a-rama – mountain climber x 20 and LBC x 20.  Short mosey over to the construction area to grab 2 bricks & 1 coupon per pax and back to the parking lot.  Circle up for these IC:

  • Round 1 – Squat press with bricks, plank with bricks & shoulder taps, curl with the coupon – all x 20.  Sprint to the end of the soccer field & back.  (Extra Credit to TD who sprinted to the fence past the end of the soccer field)
  • Round 2 – Goblet squat with coupon x 20, suitcase carry with coupon, curls with brick standing on one leg x 10 then flapjack. Sprint to the fence & back
  • Round 3 – arm circles with brick both directions, skull crusher with brick.  plank with brick right arm & leg high then flapjack.  Sprint to the fence & back
  • Round 4 – Squat with coupon, curl with coupon each x 20. John travolta with brick 10-a-side.  Sprint to the fence & back
  • Round 5 – Lunge walk with coupon to Billingsley Rd & back.  Mary  Katherine x 20,  LBC with brick, audible to situp with brick.  Sprint to the fence & back
  • Round 6 – Squat press with brick, curl with brick standing on one leg (now the flamingo curl) X 10 then flapjack.  Plank with brick right arm out & left leg then flapjack.

Return bricks & coupons.  Mosey back through baseball fields taking time for run up & down the bleackers – 5 times up & down for 3 sets of bleachers.  Mosey back to Mint where, rabbits get to sprint to the fountain & mosey to the circle to meet up with the grinders.  Time for mary – one legged LBCs x 20 IC, elbow plank, then flutter x 20 then COT.


YHC had thoughts of running uptown to Romare Beardon park to do merkins in front of the GameDay stage (Go Tigers!) but thought better of the 6 mile round trip… so we ran the other way.  YHC aimed to please the crowd today starting with a stop to accommodate TD, then Mary Katherines for ‘Cuda & plenty of core for Eye Chart.  It just so happened that YHC was wearing his F3 Pittsburgh shirt today & Deertick notes as we were getting bricks & coupons (crown pleaser) that this would be a “blue collar workout that all yinz jagoffs woud like”.  Well said.  As we were circled up pretty much the whole time, there was a lot of great mumble chatter – mostly about what kind of bird stands on one leg.  The pax settled on the pelican, wait no the penguin, or is it the flamingo?  Great to have Cannoli back after taking off November, and also seeing ‘Cuda & TD back at Cherokee.


  • Run Jen Run 5k will be happening in March – Cubby will be unveiling the F3 & FIA discount code at next week’s Buzzcock led Cherokee workout
  • MIP – successful thanksgiving fundraising drive & see Deertick for Q signup
  • Metro party tonight!

Thanks Eye chart for the takeout & as always, thanks for the opportunity to lead.


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