Grab a Christmas ball

15 merry men came out to get a dose of holiday cheer to kick off the month of December properly.

The Thang:

Mosey over to the morrison office buildings.  Quick warm up with some side straddle hops & mountain climbers.

Mosey into the parking deck, and then as we rounded into the bottom of the first ramp, pax spotted something odd in the corner…

What is that they all wondered….

Could it be?

Yes I think it is!

It’s was an early Casbah Christmas present for the pax!  A box of holiday balls (aka ornaments) with workouts written on them!

Shouts of joy and elation ensued as one by one, all the boys got their Christmas wishes in the form of punishing exercises that were done as follows:

Each workout was performed at the bottom and top of each ramp (4 total) while running up, and mosey back down for the next pax to get their gift.

We enjoyed the overwhelming Christmas spirit for about 35 min, and everyone grabbed a ball and mosey back to Sharon Elementary.

Quick stop off for dips and pull ups, and back to COT, One Eye takes us out.


Good to see FF back in action.  Hasn’t lost a step it didn’t seem like, neither in physical abilities or heckling abilities.  Comments about floppy red things permeated the workout, glad you’re back friend.

Cash Back makes 2nd appearance this week after his FNG naming at Governator 11/29.  Keep showing up sir, the more you use it, the more rewards you get.

If you’re never done it before, driving into a parking deck, leaving a box in the bottom of it, and driving off at 5 am absolutely feels like you’re going to be getting a call from homeland security soon, but luckily there’s light security in the SP area.

Thanks to Hamlet for getting me signed up to celebrate my half birthday since I had to punt the actual birthday due to a new 2.0 earlier in the year.

Happy Holidays


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