Call Me Deacon Blues, Not Crotch Rocket

“Black Friday” arrived and 22 men were “Reelin’ in the Years” at Fortress this week.  Here’s the lowdown.

Take off down Westbury and up Crosby to Sharon Amity stopping at rails in front of Eddy’s parking lot for Dips – 15x, Derkins – 15x.

Take off across Sharon Amity down Providence to Ferncliff – stop for 5 burpees OYO. Fly by from Superman sad clowning it up Ferncliff.  Couldn’t convince him to join the PAX.

Keep going down Ferncliff to the bottom.  Introduce the PAX to the “U” or “Turnover chain” or whatever the hell you want to call it.  Either way it sucked.  Two rounds – Run up To the top of Ferncliff and do 5 burpees, then run back down and then up Audobon and do 5 burpees.  Stop at the bottom each time and do 10 jump squats.  Next round “Do it Again” with the same thing except add 10 burpees this time.

Flutter – 15x, Rosalita – 15x, Russian Twists – 15x while collecting the six.

Partner up – Partner wheelbarrow up Ferncliff to first speed bump, then partner carry to the next speed bump, then sprint the rest of the way to Woodlark.

Plank Jacks – 15x

Run down Woodlark and cross over Sharon Amity to Orient Rd. – One round of Orient Express.  Run a lap mixing in forward and backwards runs and stop at each corner and do 5 Turkish Get Ups.

Line up and sprint to the end of Orient and do 10 Spiderman Merkins

Line again and sprint down Crosby to Westbury and do 10 Diamond Merkins

Once again line up and sprint to Montclair and then take it home and end with 10 burpees OYO.



– Good to be back Qing Fortress although had a lot of complaints from the PAX this am.  Hope I’m welcomed back again. The “U” wasn’t very popular this morning, but it’s never too early for hills and BRR training especially since BFAM is having a reunion tour in 2018.  Topham, CR, Baracus and Hollins were crushing it on the hills. 3.8 total today by my calculations.

– Coach gave me a grade of C- today.  Much better than the D- he handed out last time.  I’m getting closer to being average. With a little more practice maybe I can get there.

– So I guess Crotch Rocket is a big Steely Dan fan or he didn’t have anything else better to talk about as he posed this Question of the day to the PAX during Mary.  “So what do you guys think about Steely Dan”?  So here’s the poll question for the day.  Steely Dan – yeah or nay?  Not exactly the band you would think of during a workout to get you going.

– Welcome FNG Quick Draw.  Congrats on the baby on the way in 2 weeks.

– Snoop was really quiet this am.  No barking.  What’s up?


– CR says F3 is still expanding – Think he mentioned Omaha and Phoenix.

Thanks Grapevine for the takeout and Backup and Noonan for the opportunity to Q this great workout.

Peace Out as I blast “Hey Nineteen” on the way home.

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