What time does this thing start

A little slow start this am.  I tried to bring the Cotswold love this am and allow the various stragglers the opp to join in before starting, but man there seem to be some loose rules on start time at DH (tighten it up Ribeye) but finally had to start this thing!  We quick warm up of SSH and lap around track, then a lot of merkins, push presses, swings, goblet squats, lawn mowers, upright rows, and several field sprints and pull ups. No burpees!

Notes…Toga (exceptionally late along with Kiefer) likes to run in a diagonal direction or he has an inner-ear imbalance or (and more likely) he just likes the attention of crossing in front of everyone.   GAAP is too damn happy, seriously, his positive demeanor is unaffected by any barbs thrown his way…impressive or maybe he’s on something.  Noonan only responds on Clemson related topics.  Coogs was impressed with the workout…Mr. Peter Millar himself said it was a good workout!

All were working hard this am, it was a pleasure for the opportunity to lead.  Ribeye (#myherotoo) thanks for getting me in the Q slot brother!

Tesla with a heartfelt takeout this am, asks that we keep Deer Tick and his family in our prayers.  Also for a brother who is dealing with some challenging and emotional issues with his son (will stay nameless)…Know that we have you both in our arms boys!

Announcements – Billingsville Elementary tutoring is on for Tuesday. Their Christmas Party is next week, please consider donating to allow for every student walking out of there with a Gift to take home!  Believe you can do through the F3 Foundation or hit Kickin’ Chicken @robby_bowers.

F3 luncheon at Clt Country Club, 21st, 11:30 – 1:00.  Register on-line.  Luncheon is free, donations accepted.

12 Days of Core – 12 different charities will be represented over 12 core Q’s.

Please note, this workout starts at 5:30 next Monday.

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