Breakdown 500’s

5:15 – 5:30 AM: Warm-up on your own. Most use the track, some run-in from their homes and others explore the surrounding C-Rock neighborhood and get lost.

5:30 AM – Let the games begin!

Breakdown 500’s
200M Sprint/ 100M Cool Down/ 300M Sprint/ 200 Cool Down
Rinse & repeat x 5
200M Hard/ 200M Jog
100M Cool Down
300M Hard/ 300M Jog
200M Cool Down

One final Breakdown 500

Cool down lap

Mary: Step-ups OYO (10 R/ 10 L), Dips/LBC/Rosalita x 20 I/C



Because the RMS track isn’t the best-lit place and we often share it with locals doing their own workout, it can be hard to tell who is who. So YHC was caught off-guard when 20 minutes into the workout, Bel Air and Talk Box randomly appeared on the track. Turns out they showed up at 5:15 and decided to warm-up by running thru the land of unknown in C-Rock. Something happened to their bread crumbs as they got lost trying to get back to RMS. Bel Air said he had no idea where they were – would have to look at his Strava map to figure it out.

A little background regarding today’s workout. YHC had never attended a track workout until my first post @ SIBling Rivalry a month ago. Started posting here to improve as a runner. Consider myself a student learning from the more experienced Pax. Hadn’t planned on Qing SR this soon, but you don’t say no to the Weasel Shaker.

Fortunately, YHC had an ace up my sleeve. My niece from the M’s side is a Cross-Country/ Long Distance Runner at UNC. Asked her for suggestions and the Breakdown 500’s was one of her recommendations. Her version included only a 10 second rest between the 200M & 300M sprints vs. the 100M Cool Down in mine. Only this afternoon after letting her know we ran the Breakdown 500’s, did my niece tell me it is one of the hardest workouts she has completed!  Would have been nice to know yesterday while planning today’s workout.

To be clear, in introducing today’s plan to the Pax, YHC intentionally said “run fast” instead of “Sprint.” Never expected the Pax to actually run AYG on every Sprint. Instead, trying to push each one to go hard on each one. Today’s workout definitely looked better on paper. Everyone gave their best effort and no one got hurt!

Appreciate OBT tapping me to lead today. Glad to support this workout and the opportunity it holds for guys like YHC who want to run stronger and faster.


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