Little of this, little of that, adds up to a lot

Core – where it all began for the now daily Core group of workouts.

The clock strikes 7 a.m. so we leave KB’s for a brief time and run to Wellesley.  SSH x 20. Run to Sanford.  IW x 20.  Indian run down Sanford to Radcliffe.  Squats x 20.  Run to entrance of MPTS.  MC x 20.  Run back to start, grab bells and head out to field.

Partner up.  Partner 1 farmer carries both bells to midfield while partner 2 runs length of field and back to midfield to meet back up with partner.  Perform called exercise then flapjack and RxR farmer carry and run.

Bell exercises: 20 swings, 10 presses each arm, 12 goblet squats, 8 woodchops each side, round of double protractor, 8 snatches each arm, 15 tricep press, 10 renegade rows each arm, 12 squat rows.

Head over to playground for AMRAP tabata stations.  One minute on, 20 seconds off to get to next station.  Six stations, 3 rounds.  Exercises: hanging knee ups, derkin arm highs with pavers, incline upright rows, bar squats, wall ball with 15 & 20 pound med ball, jump rope.

Finish up and circle back up.  Time for a few wrap ups.  12 KB stagger shuffle merkins, 20 alternating swings and a round of KB plank jacks.


You might say it was a very respectful group this morning.  All the hardbodies in attendance today have lived well into their 50’s and beyond.  Still bustin’ It after all these years.

Terrific takeout from Traitor.

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