Midwood Hills

Posted by Pipeline, on behalf of Missing De

8 men showed up for the Midwood Hills Here’s how it went

  • Left the Park every other light 10 Diamonds x 5
  • Run Down Ashland 20 Sumo Jump Squats x5
  • Mosey down Kensington 15 Side Straddle Hops in Front of F3 Beldar’s House, and 15 Side Straddle Hops in Front of F3 Hassel Hoff’s House.
  • Mosey to Nassau 25 lbcs and all you got to the top 20 merkins
  • Mosey down Nassau to Hamorton Speedway, partner A runs one side and partner B runs the other meet in the middle 10 partner derkins finish the speedway 10 partner merkins handshakes x 3
  • Mosey to Tippah 10 merkins
  • Mosey to Tippah and Kensington 10 merkins
  • Mosey to Tippah and Midwood for some sixes. Run to the top 5 burpees’ and run back down 1 diamond

Strong group out there today Penny, Mighty Wind, Slaughter join me for some EC where we got in 3 miles, and we covered almost 4 miles at Midwood. There was not much mumble chatter today so I think everyone got a good workout in, I also believe Mr. Bo is the only one to get in all six of the ladder towards the end Very strong. Good work out of Dirt Devil, and Papillon today, I also want to thank Pipeline for letting me lead this morning I enjoyed it!

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