FAKE NEWS: Grapevine fart sacks, RopeADope forced into Q, GAAAP showed up on time

To My Sharona:

So a baker’s dozen showed up to Core Meltdown for the weekly kettlebell beatdown. My Sharona had everyone thinking Grapevine fart sacked (more on this later), so YHC stepped up and did an impromptu Q.

Here’s the thang:

Warmup (SSH, Imperial Walker, 5 burpees OYO, sharon towers)

Partner up for catch me if you can w/ farmers carry to hippie hill (picked up Pigskin along the way) for some stupid stuff

4 rounds, 4 exercises each round, same partners. Partner 1 does called exercise while partner 2 runs up the hill for called exercise. Flap jack.

Exercises at the bottom of the hill consisted of (but not limited to):

  • LBC
  • power to the people
  • tricep extensions
  • hammer curls
  • push press
  • renegade rows
  • lawnmowers
  • KB swings
  • and a few more i can’t remember because I had no weinke

Mixed in some Mary.

Catch me if you can back to the start.

5 minutes left so I called a set of 11s: LBCs on one side of the parking lot, and HAND RELEASE BURPEES on the other side.

Live look at GAAP’s face for the hand release burpee call:


Turns out My Sharona was wrong….Grapevine did not sign up to Q today. In fact, nobody did. Looks like the Site Q’s need to get it together – that would be Rev. Flo Rida and….me?


  • CORE and Silver Bullet convergence at Silver Bullet Saturday for anniversary
  • Still collecting money for Billingsville Christmas party
  • My Sharona is a spreader of FAKE NEWS

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