Sweet 6 BB: Make Ric Flair proud

Sweet 6 sleaze edition on the docket today.  Pick up the Jester at the Target deck, the King at the Castle and take the party to the Muthaship where it got nasty.

Might have been a little confusion on launch time but as long as I remember there has been no official start time only a finish time.  You’re on your own for the mileage x pace calculation.  But I can’t say that I’ve clarified those exact details at least not exactly like this so I take full responsibility for any injuries sustained due to abbreviated or interrupted warm up routines.

A settlement fund has been established for all those harmed.  Please send complaints to;

John “Cindy” Crawford

Attn:  Care Department

PO Box 60 2 43ll

Charlotte, NC 28202

But I really don’t think that is necessary because just about everyone that showed up earned their Ric Flair patch today.  All business once we got rolling.  It was a fun ride.  Thanks for the company.


One thought on “Sweet 6 BB: Make Ric Flair proud

  • December 7, 2017 at 11:51 am

    I like an actual start time (I cannot lie), but the Chaos that is Sweet6.HD under FoulBalz is good for my Preparedness.


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