‘Twas the Fifth Day of Christmas

The Fifth Day of December was just the right time to get the PAX in the Christmas Spirit…. shout out to Apple Music and the UEBoom ’cause sounds of the season were in play.

What we did…

From the baseball lot run around Trinity Pres and over to the St Gabe’s Tree lot to engross the PAX in the sight, sounds and smells of the season…

Warm Up with SSH, Merkins, MCs, and Squats

Run up and around the Corner Church and into the Hot Box for the giving of gifts

It was time for the feats for strength…

Partner up and grab a coupon.

Partners grab a beautifully decorated holiday card with a special feats of strength (FOS) present inside.

Partner 1 run the #TowerofTerror whilst Partner 2 does the FOS led by the first card carrying member

Each Full Lap for both Partners took between 5-6 minutes

The #TowerofTerror has #98Steps from the bottom to the top and an elevation gain of about 60′

We did 5 rounds of the Tower for a total of 35 flights of stairs with 490 Steps total and 300 feet of Elevation gain.

HotBox Exercises ranged from Hairburners, Block Curls, Merkins, Derkins, Bear Crawls, Crab Walks, Block Carries, Donkey Kicks, Hip Slappers, and Mary.

30 minutes of the Tower and time was up.

Thanks to Madras for reminding me to #lockup and for bringing the PAX back to the AO


The goal here was to spread the Q love to the PAX and show them the true spirit of F3 revolves around shared leadership.  Hence the multi-Q set-up.  This worked well for some, and not so much for others but alas that is the point.  To meet up with a group of High Impact Men, many of whom you look up to physically, mentally and emotionally, and lead them into a physical challenge is difficult and intimidating but once you get over the initial nervousness it can be very rewarding to earn their respect and in the process find out something about yourself.  My hope is that today each of you that had the impromptu chance to lead the PAX through a set of exercises and in doing so, helped to nudge you along the process of becoming a #HighImpactMan.  As this workout has grown and developed over the last few months we have seen new Qs step up in the open slots and the Black Widow faithful staying strong.  It’s time for the next round of #HIMs to take the charge.


Operation Sweet Tooth is kicking off, bring an unwrapped toy to any workout over the next few weeks and give it to your Site Qs, they will get em to Fishwrap who will distribute.

Find out more here:


Also, F3 Men’s Luncheon on 12/21, Find out more here:

Billingsville Christmas Party is Next Tuesday 12/12 Boba Fett @JasonWhite has more info

Coach, you are a man of many words, I always appreciate the STRONG takeouts, thanks for leading us into another Tuesday.



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